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Transcript Even and odd numbers

Odd Autumn and Even Steven set out months ago on a quest to the Splitcypress Forest to find a Puffstrich. Every day, they search of food for the night - and every night, the pair divide the day’s haul. In order for these intrepid friends to see if they can share their haul evenly, they need to know about even and odd numbers.

Let’s see what they found today. The two friends empty their carts in a small pile between them. Autumn has 11 charmberries in her cart. Before deciding if they can share the eleven berries evenly, they need to know: Is 11 an even or odd number? Is it divisible by 2?

Understanding divisibility

Before we answer this question, we need to understand divisibility. In math, we say a number is divisible by another number if the quotient, or answer, is a whole number with no remainder. Even numbers are all whole numbers that are divisible by the number 2, while odd numbers are all the rest (not evenly divisible by 2). Autumn takes a look using long division. There’s a remainder of 1! 11 must not be an even number! So, if they share the charmberries evenly, they'll have 1 left.

Determining whether odd or even

But there’s gotta be a quicker way than long division to determine whether or not a number is even or odd. Luckily, Even Steven knows that you only have to look at the last number to determine the parity - the evenness or oddness of a number. If the number ends in a 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9, it's odd. Otherwise, it's even.

Autumn takes out the next items from her cart. Whoa! She’s got 15 mag fruits! She follows Steven’s advice and just looks at the last number - 5. Since the last digit is odd, Autumn reluctantly admits 15 must be odd, too. So, after sharing evenly, they have one left over again.

Now that Odd Autumn’s cart is empty, time to inspect Steven’s cart. Steven produces 128 viviseeds from his cart. Since Steven is so used to just looking at the last number to determine if a number is even or odd, he concentrates on 8. In all his practice, Steven has memorized that the even digits are 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8. Since 8 is the last digit of 128, and it’s in the list he memorized, 128 must be an even number! So they can share the seeds evenly without any leftovers.

Now that the two friends have divided their haul for the day evenly between the two of them, what should they do with the remaining charmberry and mag fruit? Oh look! Finally, a Puffstrich! They’re in luck! It’s been said Puffstriches love charmberries and mag fruits. Maybe this one will want to be their pet.