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Use our short videos to learn at your own pace – and have fun in the process. The lesson topics are presented in a narrative, story-like manner and explained using illustrative examples, making them easy both to understand and remember.

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Educational videos are included in every sofatutor membership.

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Educational videos are included in every sofatutor membership.

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Here’s how our videos make learning fun
  • Zazie is studying on her iPad relaxed and free from stress.
    Relaxed and stress-free

    Was there something you didn’t understand? Our short videos explain everything in a slow, deliberate way. You can watch them at your own pace by pausing and rewinding the video as often as you like until you’ve understood everything.

  • Zazie has memorized the material.
    Easy to remember and videos as a visual aid

    Sometimes the best explanations aren't enough for visual learners. Images and examples are needed to properly understand a topic – and our videos offer both. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can grasp and remember the topic.

  • Zazie has a selection of learning content.
    Custom-tailored and tested

    On sofatutor, you’ll always find the videos you need for your studies. Teachers create and prepare content using the Official US Common Core Curriculum to ensure you learn the right topics at the right grade level.

Once you’ve watched the videos, you can put your knowledge to the test by completing the exercises.

Take a stress-free approach to learning and have fun improving your grades.
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