Practice Problems: Review, apply, and practice the material.

sofatutor offers lots of different Interactive Practice Problems. All questions — written and reviewed by experts — are the perfect way to get ready for class.

Sample problems:

Interactive Practice Problems

Our Practice Problems make studying fun! Discover different types of exercises, and benefit from the variety of exercise formats.

  • Highlight
  • Group
  • Locate
  • Fill In
  • Caption
  • Multiple Choice
  • Organize
  • Match

About our Practice Problems

  • 4 practice questions and 1 bonus question

    Each Practice Problem Set includes 4 questions and 1 bonus question. Start with the question at the level best for you, and advance to questions of increasing difficulty. At the end, the bonus question will be tailored to the right level of difficulty for you — so you'll keep on getting better!

  • 3 tries and lots of hints

    You've got 3 tries for each question. If you can't figure it out right away, don't hesitate to use one of our helpful hints! Directly reinforcing what you've just learned is the best way to study.

  • Video hints — get back on the right track

    If you get stuck, our video hints let you rewatch the part of the video relevant to the question — getting you right back on track to solving the problem.

  • Answers and detailed answer explanations

    Once you finish a question, we'll always provide you with the correct answer and a detailed explanation of how to get there — so you'll have the tools to tackle similar questions in the future.

Practice online with sofatutor

  • You determine the level of difficulty

    We suggest the difficulty level best for you, so you'll never get questions that are too easy or too difficult. If you get stuck, you can use the hints or rewatch the video, and if you're already comfortable with a topic, you'll get challenging questions to stretch your skills!

  • Interactive, multimedia studying

    Passively absorbing new material often isn't enough to really understand it, and multiple choice exercises aren't always the best way to really test your knowledge! We offer a variety of different multimedia exercises that aren't possible on paper.

  • Check your answers

    What's the use of an exercise if you don't understand how well you did — or even worse, end up confused and thinking the wrong answers are right? Our instant feedback and clear, detailed answer explanations help you get the most out of your practice, even after you've already answered the questions.