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sofatutor features 1,684 practical exercises in all subjects and all grade levels. Each task has been created and reviewed by experts, preparing you for every mock test.

Sample exercises


Our exercises make learning fun! Explore different practical exercises, and benefit from a wide range of task formats. You can highlight words, fill in gaps, listen to audio recordings, find pairs, and much more.

  • Highlight
  • Assign
  • Highlight image
  • Fill in
  • Label image
  • Multiple Choice
  • Sort
  • Match

About our exercises

  • Five tasks per video

    Complete the first four tasks of the video and unlock a bonus task whose level of difficulty is adapted to your level of knowledge. This will help you keep on improving your performance.

  • Hints and assistance

    You have three attempts to work out the correct solution for each task. If you can’t figure it out immediately, we’ll help you by providing extensive hints.

  • Video help

    If you ever get stuck, you can use the video help feature to jump to the right place in the video to watch it again.

  • Display of solution and solution approach

    We always show you the correct solution at the end of each task, and support you by explaining how to get there step by step.

Practice online with sofatutor

  • You determine the level of difficulty

    There’s no such thing as too hard or too easy. Our learning software adapts the level of difficulty to your level of knowledge. If you get stuck, you can use the hints or jump right back into the video.

  • Learn interactively using a variety of media

    Unfortunately, passively absorbing content isn’t enough to understand new material. You can learn online using multimedia formats that would be unthinkable on paper. Our experts ensure the right mix of reproducing and application.

  • Check yourself

    In order for you to learn, it’s important to receive quick feedback on the solutions you’ve suggested. This way, the wrong answers won’t stick in your mind. The computer can check your results immediately and correct them if necessary.