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Proven learning success with sofatutor

In a recent study, students were asked about their learning experiences with sofatutor.

Current results of a study on learning successfully with sofatutor.

Result #1: Better grades with sofatutor Better grades

Learning success with sofatutor is measurable: better grades and overall school performance.

  1. 89 %

    of students with the learning goal “improve grades” improved their

    grades in at least one subject.
  2. 82 %

    of students

    improved their overall school performance.

Result #2: Better prepared with sofatutor Better prepared

sofatutor is successful at helping students learn independently,
fill knowledge gaps, and prepare for mock tests.

  1. 92 %

    of students are helped by sofatutor

    to learn independently.
  2. 94 %

    of students are helped by sofatutor

    to fill gaps in knowledge.
  3. 94 %

    of students are helped by sofatutor

    to understand the content of lessons.
  4. 94 %

    of students are helped by sofatutor

    to prepare for mock tests.

Result #3: More self-confidence and fun in learning Self-confidence and fun in learning

Learning should be fun! sofatutor makes students more motivated and confident at school.

  1. 85 %

    of students feel

    more confident in class thanks to sofatutor.
  2. 80 %

    of students feel they have

    more fun learning thanks to sofatutor.

Good to know: information about the study

The study was conducted in February 2016 following mid-year report cards. A total of more than 500 students who use sofatutor were surveyed. The participants represent a broad cross-section in terms of grades, school types, and how long they have been using sofatutor. The study was designed and carried out by the experienced social researchers at Trimion Applied Social Research.

Trimion Applied Social Research