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To evaluate expressions, it is helpful to review some words associated with this topic. First, what is an expression, and how does it differ from an equation?

An expression does not have an equal sign while an equation does. An equation includes two expressions with an equal sign in between the expressions. Expressions are made up of terms. A term can be a number by itself, and this is called a constant. A term can also include a variable which is a letter or other symbol that stands in for an unknown value, usually the letter x. Variables can be alone or attached to a numbers by the operation of multiplication or division such as 3x or x/3. This number attached to the variable is called a coefficient.

Now that you know the words to describe expressions, you are ready to simplify them. To simplify expressions, follow PEMDAS then combine the like terms. Constants go with constants, and same variables go with same variables. When you are ready to evaluate the expressions which means to solve them for a specific value of the variable, follow the correct order of operations, PEMDAS. To learn more about evaluating expressions and have a laugh, watch this video.

Write expressions in equivalent forms to solve problems. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSA.SSE.B.3

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Calculate the length of hair after given number of months.
Find an equation that represents Rap-Punzel's hair length after $x$ months.
Evaluate how long Rap-Punzel's hair is after one year.
Determine how long it takes until the magic beanstalk grows to a height of $100$ inches.
Label the different parts of the expression.
Decide which function table belongs to which equation.