Adding Integers – Practice Problems

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Have you ever wondered how to add a negative number to a positive number? Negative and positive numbers, including zero, are called integers. Addition of integers is not that hard, once you understood the main concept behind it. The number line can help you understand how adding integers works.

There is a special case in the addition of positive and negative numbers: adding opposite numbers. Opposite numbers are numbers that have the same distance from zero, also called absolute value. If you look at a number line, -3 and 3, for example, have the same distance from zero. Opposite numbers are always numbers that look similar, apart from the positive or negative sign.

The sum of opposite numbers always equals zero. To show this on the number line, think of negative numbers as going to the left directionally, whereas positive numbers means going to the right directionally. If you start at zero and go 3 steps to the right for 3, going 3 steps in the opposite direction for -3 makes you end up at zero again. So always remember: if adding opposite numbers, regardless of order, you get 0 as the solution.

But what about integers that are not opposite numbers? To understand this case you should look at a number line as well. Again, for positive numbers start at zero and go the amount of steps to the right; adding a negative number means you go those number of steps to the left. Wherever you end up on the number line after doing so will be the solution.

The video shows you adding intergers the easy way, step by step and in an entertaining setting. Enjoy!

Apply and extend previous understandings of numbers to the system of rational numbers.

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Determine the correct value of each arrow on the number line.
Explain why Negatron's power up decides the game.
Assign the value of the arrows to expressions using addition of intergers.
Evaluate the expressions by adding the integers.
Find the missing numbers on the number line.
Determine the value of these expressions by adding the intergers.