Scatter plots – Practice Problems

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A scatter plot is a graphical way of presenting a set of data consisting of ordered pairs, usually using Cartesian coordinates. A scatter plot is drawn by plotting all the ordered pairs in the given set of data. The main objective is to show the relationship between the variables. If the points on the graph are grouped together, we can say that there is a strong correlation between the two variables. The correlation is positive when both variables increase together. It is negative when one variable decreases as the other increases. When points are grouped together, we can draw a trendline or the line of best fit. From the line of best fit, we can predict the expected value for one variable given another from the other. Learn how to make and analyze scatter plots by helping Billy Fakespeare the Ghost plan his 400th birthday party. Common Core Reference: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.SP.A.1.

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Summarize your knowledge about scatter plots.
Interpret the different scatter plots.
Draw a scatter plot.
Interpret the given scatter plot.
Determine the slope-intercept form of the line of best fit.
Explain what kind of data you can represent in a scatter plot.