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From Elementary School to Calculus

Elementary school teaches you the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In middle school, you are introduced to variables, inequalities, and are introduced to the Cartesian coordinate system and the basics of simple graphing. But the real learning starts with Algebra I. The skills you will aquire beginning with Algebra I, and continuing possibly through to Calculus, will give you the ability to describe and understand the world around you in a more profound way than you ever thought was possible.

Algebra 1 in High School

Algebra 1 introduces students to the basic tools needed to begin evaluating equations and inequalities. You will build a familiarity with real numbers and their properties such as additive and multiplicative identities, inverse operations and the distributive and commutative properties, just to name a few. In this level, you will also be exposed to polynomials and be expected to carry out already-familiar calculations like area, perimeter and volume with more complex expressions instead of given numbers. Functions will also be investigated in detail and you will be able to find the x- and y-intercepts with and without the use of a graph.

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