Point-Slope Form – Practice Problems

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You are probably familiar with the formula for slope, you know, change in the y-values divided by the change in the x-values, the rise over the run. The point-slope form is simply the slope formula, rearranged.

The point-slope formula is the difference of the y-values set to equal the slope times the difference of the x-values. So, what’s the difference, and why do we need two formulas for the same thing? To solve equation of the line problems, the formula you use depends on what information is known and what you are amount you are solving for.

To use the slope formula, you know at least two points on a line and use this information to calculate the slope of the line. If you know the slope, and at least on point on the line, you can use the point-slope formula to calculate unknown ordered pairs on the line. Also, often your teacher will ask you to present an answer in a certain format. If you are asked to present the answer in point-slope form, you will want to be certain what that form looks like. Whatever equation of the line you decide to use, one thing is sure, you are going to love this video!

Use slope to create equations of the line.


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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Describe the point-slope form and the slope formula.
Determine the slope of the equation.
Determine the slope and the coordinates needed for the point-slope form.
Decide which equation corresponds to which line.
Decide which equation is in point-slope form.
Determine how many logs each beaver business has at the end of the year.