Graphing Linear Equations – Practice Problems

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Understand how to use the slope-intercept form can help you to become an expert at graphing linear equations. Also, just by looking at the line, you’ll be able to write an equation in slope-intercept form and then manipulate the equation to present it in whichever form your teacher has instructed.

The slope-intercept form is y = mx + b. The b-value is the y-intercept – the point where the line touches the y-axis and where x = 0. From this point on the line, you can use the m-value to write other points on the line. The m-value, the coefficient to the x-value, is the slope. After using rise over run to draw in several other points, connect the dots, and you have a line.

The reverse of this is write an equation of the line in slope-intercept by using a couple points on the line. To determine the b-value, look to see where the line touches the y-axis. This is the b-value. Next, select another point on the line and by drawing in a triangle, figure out the rise over the run which is the slope, the m-value. Remember if the line slopes down, the m-value is negative and if it slopes up, it is positive. If there the line is horizontal, the equation is y = c, and if the line is vertical, the equation is x = c.

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Write equations of the line.


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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Describe how to solve linear equations by graphing.
Does MAC2 have time enough to copy all the data?
Examine if C.H.E.E.S.E. 1 succeeds at getting $8~oz$ of cheese for Dr. Evil.
Determine the linear equation.
Identify the different parts of the graph and the equation.
Decide which equation belongs to which graph.