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How To Describe the Weather?

Learning text on the topic How To Describe the Weather?

How to Describe the Weather - Introduction

Have you ever looked outside and seen the sun shining or felt raindrops on your face? That's the weather! Weather can be different every day. Sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it’s rainy, and sometimes it’s snowy. Let's learn about different kinds of weather and how to describe them.

What is Weather?

Weather is what's happening in the sky and the air. It can be hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or windy. There can also be extreme weather!

The weather changes all the time, and it's different in different places. We can feel the weather when we are outside, or we can see it when we look out the window.

Let's test what you’ve learned about describing weather so far!

What is weather?
Is the weather the same everywhere

How Do I Describe Weather?

Describing weather is like telling a story about the sky. Look outside. Is the sun shining bright? That's a sunny day. Are there drops of water coming from the sky? That's called rainy weather. Is the wind blowing leaves around? That's a windy day. And when white flakes fall and cover everything, that's snow!

What is Rain?

Rain is water drops falling from clouds in the sky. It's important for all living things. Rain helps plants grow, fills rivers, and gives us water to drink. Without rain, our world would be very dry.

What is Sun?

The sun is a huge, glowing star in the sky. It lights up our days and keeps us warm. When the sun is out, we call it a sunny day. The sun helps plants grow and gives us an important vitamin called Vitamin D, which is good for our health.

What is Snow?

Snow is made of tiny ice crystals that fall from the sky when it's very cold. Each snowflake is special and different. Snow makes the world look white and beautiful. It's fun to play in, make snowmen, or have snowball fights!

What is Wind?

The wind is the air moving, and it can happen at different speeds. The wind blows when air moves from a place with high pressure to a place with low pressure. Sometimes wind can be mild that you barely notice, or it can be extreme where you feel like you might be blown away!

What is Extreme Weather?

Sometimes, the weather is very strong and surprising. This is called extreme weather. Let’s explore some different types of extreme weather.


Hail is when balls of ice fall from the sky. It's like frozen rain. Hailstones can be small like peas or big like golf balls. While hail can be fun to look at, it can be dangerous since bigger-sized hail makes them heavier and fall harder, and then they can break windows, dent cars, and even hurt people.


Thunderstorms are big, loud storms. They have rain, thunder, and lightning. Lightning is a bright flash, and thunder is the sound that comes after. It is important to stay indoors when you see thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are dangerous, because lightning is a very powerful bolt of electricity that can hurt you if it hits you, and thunderstorms can also make it very windy and blow things around. It is best to stay indoors during thunderstorms.


Tornadoes are spinning columns of air that touch the ground. They look like funnels and can move things around with their strong winds. Tornadoes can be very damaging to buildings. You will usually be told when a tornado will happen; when you get this warning it is important to seek shelter immediately!


Hurricanes are huge storms that form over the ocean. They have very strong winds and lots of rain. Hurricanes can be powerful and cause big waves. Just like tornadoes, when you get a warning of one in the area, you should seek shelter immediately.


A heatwave is when it's very, very hot for many days. We need to drink lots of water and stay cool in the shade during a heatwave. You should also do your best to keep yourself cool during a heatwave and not play outside too much during one. Heatwaves are not good for plants either, as they can dry out.

Weather Observations Table

You can usually tell the weather by looking outside. Here is a table to help you know what to look for when observing the weather!

Weather Type Description Observations
Sunny Bright and clear sky Warm, bright light, clear view
Rainy Water droplets from clouds Wet surfaces, puddles, raindrops
Snowy White ice crystals from sky Cold, white ground, soft snow
Windy Air moving fast Moving leaves, flags fluttering
Hail Ice balls falling from sky Hard, frozen rain, can be noisy
Thunderstorm Storm with thunder & rain Loud thunder, bright lightning
Tornado Spinning column of air Strong winds, funnel-shaped cloud
Heatwave Many hot days in a row Intense heat, dry conditions
Hurricane Storm with strong winds Heavy rain, strong gusts of wind

Weather Observation Experiment

Let's be weather detectives with a fun experiment!

Weather Observation Activity

How Well Do You Understand Weather?

Let’s test your weather knowledge!

Fun Facts About Weather

Weather Summary

Key Learnings from this Text:

  • Weather is the state of the air and sky, including temperature, wind, clouds, rain, and snow.
  • We can describe weather as sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, and many other ways, depending on what we observe and feel.
  • Extreme weather events, including hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes, heatwaves, and hurricanes, are fascinating but require us to be cautious and informed for safety.
  • Weather is an ever-changing and essential part of our planet, bringing both challenges and wonders to our daily lives.

Weather is all around us, and it's always changing. There's sunny, rainy, snowy, and windy weather. And sometimes, there's extreme weather like hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes, heatwaves, and hurricanes. Look outside and see what the weather is today. Remember, every type of weather is important and makes our world beautiful!

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