Subtracting Polynomials – Practice Problems

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To add and subtract polynomials, first write each polynomial in the standard form. To write in the standard form, order the terms of a polynomial by descending degree.

The degree of a term is determined by the power of each term. If there is more than one variable in a term, add the powers to determine the degree. For example, the term x³y² is a 5th degree. Also, remember the power of a constant has a hidden exponent of 1. For example, 7 is equal to 7 raised to the forst power and is a first degree term.

Once you have ordered the polynomials in standard form, set up the equation vertically or horizontally – whichever is easiest for you to solve. Make sure to distribute the minus sign to all the terms in the polynomial you are subtracting. This is the same as multiplying the entire polynomial by negative 1.

Next, simplify the like terms. Be careful, sometimes unlike terms can fool you. Like terms must have the same combination of variables and powers. Remember you can check your solution by using the inverse operation of addition.

To review how to set up polynomial subtraction problems vertically and horizontally, watch this video and have fun while you learn some tips and tricks to make problem solving faster and more accurate.

Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials.


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