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Using Place Value to Add Two Digit Numbers (Regrouping)


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Using Place Value to Add Two Digit Numbers (Regrouping)

Basics on the topic Using Place Value to Add Two Digit Numbers (Regrouping)


Addition with Regrouping Place Value Chart

What is place value and how can it help when adding when you need to regroup? Place value is the value of each digit depending on where it is in the number, and is a great strategy to help when adding.

When adding using place value with regrouping, start by representing the addends using base ten blocks and rods. Remember that addends are the numbers we are adding together.

Next, add the ones blocks from each addend together. Here you can see if your ones add up to make a ten. If they do you must move it over to the tens place. This is called regrouping.

Once you add the ones blocks together, you can add the tens rods together.

Place Value Addition Regrouping - Practice

If Mr. Squeaks is adding thirty-five red mushrooms and seventeen brown mushrooms together, how many will he have in total?

You can use place value with regrouping to add!


Mr. Squeaks will have fifty-two mushrooms all together.

Using Place Value to Add – Summary

Remember, when adding using place value and regrouping…

  • Step one: Represent the addends with base ten blocks

  • Step two: Add the ones blocks from each addend together, remember, if you can make a ten with the ones blocks, regroup, or move it to the tens place

  • Step three: Finally add the tens and ones together to find the sum

Interested in more? After this video are interactive exercises and place value with addition regrouping worksheets.