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A Roadworthy Bike


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Basics on the topic A Roadworthy Bike

What is Bicycle Safety?

When you're cycling on the road, it's particularly important that your bicycle is roadworthy so that you don't injure yourself or others. A safe bicycle includes certain bicycle parts that ensure everything works well. Have you already learned the names of the bicycle parts of a roadworthy bicycle in elementary school?

Checklist: Bicycle Safety in Elementary School

If you want to make your bicycle roadworthy, keep reading to learn what to look out for!.

First, your bicycle has two wheels with air-filled tires. From time to time, you should check whether the screws on the wheels are tightened so that they do not simply come loose during the ride. Additionally, it rides better when the right amount of air is in the tires. You can easily press on the tires with your fingers to check. They should give a little but maintain their shape and not squeeze easily. If you have been riding your bicycle for a long time, you should also take a closer look at the tread of your tires, or the part of the tire that touches the ground. It is important that the grooves on your tires stay deep enough to provide enough traction, even on gravel roads. If the tread is worn out or too thin, the tire should be replaced.

In order for you to be safe in the dark, a roadworthy bicycle needs lights and reflectors. This is why we often use a headlight with white light at the front of the bicycle and a taillight with red light at the back. These usually operated by a dynamo. If your bicycle doesn't have built-in lights, you can retrofit it with battery-powered lights. Your lights should also be checked regularly for functionality. Also check for spoke reflectors on both wheels. Sometimes these are also called "cat's eyes". No matter what they are called, they provide additional safety by reflecting light when lights shine on them. Such reflectors are also located on your pedals, as well as at the front and back of the bicycle. Similar to the headlights, the rear reflector is red, and the front one is white.

Additionally, you should check whether your bicycle chain is tight enough so that it does not come loose on shaky ground. It should not sag.

In road traffic, you always need to be able to react quickly to new situations, so two well-functioning brakes are very important for your roadworthy bicycle. Every bicycle should have a front-wheel brake as well as a rear-wheel brake, and should not be adjusted to be too hard or too soft. To check if the brakes are working, you can push your bicycle a little and alternately squeeze the brakes.

The right saddle height, or seat height, is also important for a good ride. In order to pedal comfortably, your saddle needs to grow with you and be gradually raised. However, your toes should always be able to touch the ground quickly.

And of course, a bicycle is only roadworthy if you can steer it. You also need a bell on your handlebars so that you can draw attention to yourself when necessary in road traffic.

Here is an overview of all the relevant bicycle parts of a roadworthy bicycle: SEO_26146_26500_Bike-01.svg

Bicycle Safety – Summary

Let’s review what classifies a roadworthy bicycle in this chart below:

Bicycle part What to check
tires check if the air pressure and profile are right
screws check if the screws are tight
bicycle lights &
check if the lights work and
the reflectors are fixed tightly
bicycle chain check if the chain fits tightly
brakes check if the brakes work
bell check if the bell rings
saddle check if the seat is set to the right height

To test your knowledge, you can find a worksheet on "bicycle safety" with exercises for assigning on sofatutor. Can you think of anything else besides the correct bicycle parts that is missing for your safety in road traffic? A well-fitting helmet, of course! You should always wear it to protect your head.

Transcript A Roadworthy Bike

A roadworthy bike When you ride your bike on the road, it is important that your bike is roadworthy. When is a bike roadworthy and how can you check? Let's find out together with Mio. Let's take a closer look at Mio's bike together. Do you know what these two parts of the bike are called?

These are your bike's wheels. They are secured with screws. Make sure that the screws are really tight. Ask an adult for help.

The wheels include the TIRES. They should have enough tread so that you have enough grip while riding. The tires must also have enough air. To check the air in your tire, you can simply try to squeeze the tire. If your tire has enough air, then it can only be squeezed slightly. What are the names of these parts?

These are spoke reflectors. Sometimes they are also called cat's eyes. They should be attached to both wheels. On some bikes, reflectors are also directly on the tires When it gets dark and light shines on them, they glow. "This helps you to be seen better!"

Do you know any other parts on your bike that help you in the dark?

The two lights! A white one in front and a red one in the back. The light in front is called a headlight. The light at the rear is called a taillight. They should always work and are usually powered by a dynamo. A dynamo is small generator that powers the lights. Always check that both lights work before you ride! You also have reflectors on the front and back of your bike. Do you know the color of the reflectors?

The reflector in front is white, and the reflector in the back is red! With reflectors and working lights, you will be safe in the dark. But what other parts are there?

This is the bicycle chain. It should not sag, so that the bike rides well. And these are the pedals of your bike. These also have reflectors. What do you do when you want to stop your bike?

Well, you brake of course! Your bike should have two brakes: a front brake and a rear brake. These MUST work well. You can try this out by pushing your bike a bit and then braking. And where do you sit on your bike?

On the saddle!

Make sure it is set at the correct height. An adult can help you with that. And what do you steer with?

With the handlebars! What is the name of this part that is attached to the handlebar?

This is the bell. It helps you to draw attention to yourself.

Let's take a quiz! Can you see why this bike is not roadworthy?

The tire is flat! Before you ride this bike, you should pump it up, or repair the tire. And why is this bike not roadworthy?

The bike has no tail light! You should never ride without a working tail light. And what is missing from this bike?

The bell is missing! This should also never be missing from a bicycle. Let's review, what are the parts of a roadworthy bike? Your bike should have two wheels with well inflated tires. There are spoke reflectors on each wheel. At the rear, your bike has a red tail light and another reflector.
The chain of your bike should not sag. Your rear brake should always work, and your saddle should be adjusted to the correct height. Your bike also has a light in the front and a reflector. Also, your front brake should always work. There are more reflectors on the pedals. This is the handlebar. A bell should be attached to it.

But isn't there something missing so you can ride your bike safely?

The helmet, which you should ALWAYS wear when riding a bike!

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A Roadworthy Bike exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video A Roadworthy Bike.
  • What should you first check to make sure a bike is ready to ride?


    What should you check the tires for?

    What should you check the screws for?


    You should first check the wheels of the bike to make sure the screws are on tight, and that the tires have enough air and tread.

  • What parts of a bike are to help you ride safely when it is dark outside?


    At night, a bike needs to have more light so the rider can be seen.

    At night, bike wheels need more light to be seen clearly.


    The lights and reflectors are parts of a bike that help you ride safely at night.

  • Is this bike roadworthy?


    A roadworthy bike has tires with enough tread and air. Is this bike roadworthy?

    A roadworthy bike has all working lights to ride safely at night. Is this bike roadworthy?


    This bike is not roadworthy because it is missing a saddle, a taillight, and has a flat tire.

  • What are the parts of a roadworthy bike?


    This part of the bike helps you steer the bike while moving.

    This part of the bike helps you stop the bike from moving.


    A roadworthy bike must have these parts to make it safe to ride:

    • A bicycle chain that does not sag so that the bike rides well.
    • Front and back brakes to stop the bike from moving.
    • Headlights and taillights to see at night.
    • Pedals to make the bike move.
    • A saddle to sit on.
    • Handlebars to steer the bike.

  • Is this bike roadworthy?


    A bell is an important safety part on a bike.

    Wheels need to have enough air and tread.

    Reflector lights are an important safety feature of a bike.

    This bike is roadworthy because no parts are missing and the tires have air.


    Roadworthy Bike

    • bell
    • reflector lights

    Not Roadworthy Bike

    • missing saddle
    • flat tire

  • What parts of a bike work together to make it move?


    Wheels rotate so the bike can move forward and back.

    The brakes stop the bike from moving so you do not hit anything.

    There are three parts that work together to make the bike move.


    The parts of a bike that work together to make it move are the wheels, bicycle chain, and pedals.