How to Keep Our Bodies Fit!


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In this video, Hannah learns the four important parts of keeping her body fit! Follow along as we find out what we can do to stay healthy and grow up strong!

Transcript How to Keep Our Bodies Fit!

Mio the Cat is fit, healthy, and happy. That's because his owner, Hannah, takes good care of him. His litter box is always clean, Hannah plays with him often, and he loves his cat food! "But what does Hannah need to feel as good as Mio the cat? Let's learn about "How to Keep Our Bodies Fit!" There are four words that teach us what is important for our bodies. Remember them well! The first word is: rest. As children, we need about ten hours of sleep a night. But rest is much more than just sleeping. Our hobbies, or some quiet, alone time, like painting, crafting or playing by ourselves, can help our bodies recover. Without enough rest, we can't put in the effort and show what we can do! The second important word is: nutrition, or the food and drink we put into our bodies. Our bodies need healthy food to grow and stay fit. Plus, we need to eat well to do all the great things we want to do during the day. Therefore, we should eat breakfast in the morning before school. It's good to eat different things all the time; it gives our bodies variety. Sometimes it's especially nice to have a quiet lunch or dinner together with family where we tell each other the exciting things from the day. The third word is: hygiene, or keeping our bodies clean. In order to feel good and stay healthy, we need to wash ourselves often, from top to bottom. We should always wash our hands before eating, as soon as we arrive home, and after using the bathroom. We should also wash our hands after touching plants or animals, even if they are our pets! Brushing our teeth in the morning and at night is also part of keeping our bodies clean. Keeping our bodies clean let's us stay healthy! The fourth word is a lot of fun; it's exercise! Whether playing outside with friends, during sports, or riding bikes, movement is healthy. Getting our hearts pumping every day is not only fun but also keeps us fit. Can you remember the four words? Let's review them together! Rest, Nutrition, Hygiene, and Exercise! These are the four things we need to remember to stay fit! How do you keep your body fit? Tell us in the comments!