Volume of Simple 3D Shapes – Practice Problems

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After this lesson, you will be able to solve the volume of simple three-dimensional shapes.

The lesson begins by teaching you three examples of simple three-dimensional shapes. It leads you to learn how to find the volume of these shapes by calculating the area of their base and multiplying the result by their height. It concludes with showing the different formulas for calculating the volume of simple three-dimensional shapes.

Learn about the volume of simple three-dimensional shapes by helping the Mad Hatter, a world-renowned milliner, create the perfect headpiece for the queen!

This video introduces new concepts, notation, and vocabulary such as volume (the amount of space that a three-dimensional object occupies); rectangular box (a three-dimensional shape with a rectangular base); triangular prism (a three-dimensional shape with a triangular base); cylinder (a three-dimensional shape with a circular base); area (the amount of space that a two-dimensional object occupies); height (distance from the top to the bottom of an object); and cubic units (the unit of measure used for measuring the volume of an object).

Before watching this video, you should already be familiar with rectangles, triangles, circles, dimensions of two-dimensional shapes like length and width, radius of a circle, units of measurement, and Product Law of Exponents.

After watching this video, you will be prepared to learn to solve more real-world and mathematical problems involving volumes of three-dimensional objects.

Common Core Standard(s) in focus: 7.G.B.4 and 7.G.B.6
A video intended for math students in the 7th grade
Recommended for students who are 12-13 years old

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Decide which statements about volume are true.
Determine the volume of a cylinder.
Identify formulas for the 3-D objects and their cross sections.
Solve these real world problems.
Identify the shapes.
Find mistakes in the volume calculations.