Volume of Prisms – Practice Problems

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After this lesson, you will be able to find the volume of a prism using a general formula, and understand where it comes from.

The lesson begins by teaching you that the volume of a prism is equal to the product of its height and area of its base. It leads you to learn how to find the volume of a prism using a general formula. It concludes with a summary on how to find the volume of any prism.

Learn about the volume of prisms by helping Dr. Evil choose the right tank for his piranhas.

This video introduces new concepts, notation, and vocabulary such as a prism (a solid object with two identical ends and flat sides) and the volume of a prism.

Before watching this video, you should already be familiar with finding the areas of polygons, like rectangles, squares, and triangles.

After watching this video, you will be prepared to learn how to apply the general formula for the volume of a prism.

Common Core Standard(s) in focus: 7.G.B.4 and 7.G.B.6
A video intended for math students in the 7th grade
Recommended for students who are 12-13 years old

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Identify the steps for calculating volume of rectangular prisms.
Sort the steps for calculating the volume of a triangular prism.
Calculate volume of right prisms.
Solve real-world problems involving the volume of right prisms.
Review the area of shapes and names of 3-D objects.
Calculate the volume of the 3D object