Solving Systems of Inequalities – Practice Problems

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One way of finding the solution set of a system of linear inequalities in two variables is by graphing.

To graph a system of linear inequalities and see its solution set, first graph the corresponding system of linear equations. While graphing these equations, use either solid or dashed lines: use solid lines for “is greater than or equal to” (≥) or “is less than or equal to” (≤) inequalities, and dashed lines for “is greater than” (>) or “is less than” (

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Establish the corresponding system of inequalities.
Identify the area containing all solutions to the system of inequalities.
Determine if the the number of shelves needed could be constructed.
Identify which graph belongs to which system of inequalities.
Write each inequality in slope intercept form.
Decide what combinations of comic and fantasy books Caleb could buy.