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Real world problems are not usually written as an algebra equation, so we must translate a math story into an equation.

How do we do that? By carefully analyzing the information that is presented in the form of a word problem. Look for keywords to indicate the operations you should use to write an equation. For example, five more than x can be written as x + 5. The statement, ten times the unknown number, is written as 10x. What is the meaning of two times the sum of 5 and x? The word sum tells us to put 5 and x inside parentheses, the result is 2 ( 5 + x ).

After you have written the equation to describe your math story, solve the equation by following the steps you have learned for solving algebraic equations. Remember if there are multi steps, combine like terms then use inverse operations to isolate the variable to calculate the solution.

It’s always a good idea to check your work by substituting the solution back into the equation you wrote then check the solution against the math story. If the solution works for the equation but not for the story, recheck your original equation.

Explain steps to solve algebraic equations. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSA.REI.A.1

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
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Decide which equation best describes each of the given situations.
Determine how many hours Dr. Evil's assistant can work.
Set up equations and solve for the unknown values.
Summarize what you know about opposite operations.
Solve the following equations.