Keywords for Addition and Subtraction – Practice Problems

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In order to translate word problems into mathematical expressions, it is helpful to know certain keywords to look for which indicate which mathematical operations to use. Specifically, words like sum, total, increase, add, plus are commonly used for addition, as well as words like altogether, combine, more than, all, both, and so on. The same goes for subtraction: decrease, minus, fewer, take away, difference, left, less than, subtract, remain, and so on. Learn how to recognize keywords for addition and subtraction by helping Caulleen solve a mystery at her school, the Academy of Magic. Common Core Reference: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.EE.A.2

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Identify the keywords that indicate subtraction.
Decide if the keywords indicate addition or subtraction.
Explain how to transfer the word problem to an equation.
Decide how to express the word problems in the form of equations.
Find all keywords that indicate addition.
Express the word problems as equations.