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In the real world, calculating distance, rate, and time problems is a real problem. How far, how long, and how much time – these are questions people must solve every day but in the real world, the problems are not presented with an equation, so we need to know how to write an equation to solve the problem.

To solve these types of problems, remember to use the DRT triangle. The triangle helps us remember the formula distance is equal to rate times time. We can modify the equation and create two other equations: rate is equal to distance divided by time, and time is equal to distance divided by rate.

The triangle is a useful graphic reminder. The D is on the top, and R and T make up the base. How do we know which form of the DRT formula to use? Look to the word problem for the answer. What is the unknown amount? Select the formula that solves for that specific unknown amount.

Watch this video and see how important it is to understand how to solve distance-rate-time problems. You might also learn a valuable lesson on what not to do in school.

Rearrange formulas to solve for unknown values. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSA.CED.A.4

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Identify all forms of the equation used to solve the distance-rate-time problem.
Set up an equation to see if Tom arrives earlier than his mom.
Calculate the time Tom's mom takes to drive home if she drives $37.5$ miles per hour.
Find the distance each friend has to travel to arrive at the movies.
Describe the correlation between distance, rate, and time.
Determine the time Tom needs to leave home in order to get to school on time.