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A complex composite area is determined by breaking up the composite shape into familiar shapes and then adding up the areas of the individual shapes. One application of composite areas is the tangram puzzle, where 7 polygonal shapes can be arranged in various ways to form different designs like boat, bird, dog, or house. Composite shapes abound in real life thus a knowledge in computing for the area is very useful. A city, for instance, is not usually shaped as a regular polygon so to get the area of a city, it must first be cut into sections, calculate the area for each, and then add up the areas of all sections. A knowledge of composite areas is also valuable when designing the perfect shape for a flight deck of an aircraft carrier to allow ease in simultaneous takeoff and landing. Learn how to get the area of a composite shape by helping rapper Notorious C.A.T. figure out the area of his cat-shaped pendant so he could cover it with diamonds for a perfect bling in his quest to take down and intimidate his rival rapper, MC Monta to become the best rapper on the block. Common Core Reference: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.G.B.6

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Choose the geometric shapes that the pendant is composed of.
Calculate the area of the pendant.
Determine the area.
Calculate the area of the wooden heart.
Find the formula for the area of each given shape.
Find the correct statements about the colored shape.