Clever Calculations with Money – Practice Problems

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After this lesson, you will be able to solve real-world currency-related problems that require fast calculations.

The lesson begins by teaching you to note if certain amounts are linked to specific money values. It leads you to learn how to group the given amounts by place or money value. It concludes with a firm reminder to use the grouping method that makes the most sense to you.

Learn about clever money calculations by watching Denise outsmart Blake in computing their restaurant bill.

This video introduces new concepts, notation, and vocabulary such as the grouping of place and money values, like cents and dollars, quarters and dimes, even tens and hundreds, as a proper application of the mathematical properties of the basic operations required to solve the problem.

Before watching this video, you should already be familiar with currency values and terms, the four basic operations and the mathematical properties.

After watching this video, you will be prepared to better solve other real world problems that involve units of measurement, aside from currency, like time, distance and volume.

Common Core Standard(s) in focus: 4.MD.A.2
A video intended for math students in the 4th grade
Recommended for students who are 9 - 10 years old

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Explain how to use mental math using quarters.
Explain grouping mental math strategies for addition and subtraction.
Explain how to group division problems.
Solve the following problems involving money.
Determine the amount of money needed to pay each bill:
Identify correct mental math techniques.