Associated Ratios and the Value of a Ratio – Practice Problems

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After this lesson, you will be able to derive associated ratios from a given ratio.

The lesson begins by reviewing that ratios can be written with colons and as fractions. It leads you to learn that associated ratios are ratios that can be found from a given ratio or information. It concludes by reminding you that the order of writing any ratio matters and that is best to write a ratio in its simplest or reduced form.

Learn about associated ratios by watching Preston Waltz conduct his orchestra.

This video includes key concepts, notation, and vocabulary such as associated ratios, which are ratios that can be found from a given ratio.

Before watching this video, you should already be familiar with ratios and simplifying fractions.

After watching this video, you will be prepared to learn about ratio tables and double number lines and eventually solve percent problems.

Common Core Standard(s) in focus: 6.RP.A.3.A
A video intended for math students in the 6th grade
Recommended for students who are 11 - 12 years old

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Find the associated ratio for each given ratio.
Write each sentence in ratio notation.
Identify which statements are true.
Identify the ratio which is being described along with its associated ratio.
Write each fraction in ratio notation.
Determine the ratio and its associated ratio.