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The Number 9


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Basics on the topic The Number 9


In This Introductory Video on the Number Nine

We learn all about the ninth number. See examples of the number nine: what it looks like and how to write it. Do an action nine times and, if you’re up for a challenge, find other nines hidden throughout the room!

Transcript The Number 9

Let's make room for "The Number Nine!" "What's the number nine anyway?" Today we will learn about the number nine. When someone says there are nine things, they are talking about the number of objects. "Like the nine planets in my mobile?" "Or the nine squares in our tic-tac-toe game?" That's right, Skylar and Henry. Those are great examples of the number nine. Can you see any other examples of the number nine in Henry and Skylar's room? There are nine baseball players in the team photograph! Is there another example of the number nine? There are nine pool balls on the bedspread! What does the number nine look like? Skylar and Henry both have the number nine on their shirts! The number nine looks a little bit like a party mask on a stick. How do you write the number nine? To write the number nine, we need to start at the very top line and make a circle from there to the middle line. Then on the right side, draw a line from the top to the bottom, but make sure it touches the circle you made. Let's practice drawing the number nine! Put your finger in the air and trace it with us! Now that is a great looking nine, thanks for helping! Can you clap nine times? Let's clap out nine together: ready, let's go! one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Today we learned all about the number nine. We learned about objects in sets of nine, the number nine, and how to write it! Up for a challenge? Watch this video again and see if you can find the playing card with nine hearts, nine string lights, and ninth day of the ninth month hidden in the room! Comment below when you find them! If you want to learn more, check out the next number, the number ten!

The Number 9 exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video The Number 9 .
  • Can you find the number 9?


    This is the number 9.

    Find the number that looks the same.


    This is the number 9!

  • Find 9.


    Count the pictures and see if they add up to 9.

    Look for the number 9.


    Check out all the different ways 9 is represented. You can count the planets and the balls to 9. You can also find 9 hidden on the jerseys and on the clock!

  • Count the dots and match it to the correct number.


    Use the number line to help you count.

    Start at the number 1 and count each dot.


    Start at the number 1 then count on. Stop counting when you get to the last dot. That is how many dots there are!

  • Can you put the numbers in the right order?


    Put the numbers in order starting with the number 1.


    The image shows the numbers from 1 to 9. Practice counting your numbers starting at 1.

  • Can you find the number 9?


    Count the fish. Can you find which one shows 9?

    Select the picture that shows 9 fish.


    Start at 1 then count up to 9. This picture shows 9 fish.

  • How many do you see?


    Use the number line to help you count the pictures.


    Each picture shows 9. You can count to 9!