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Synonyms — Let's Practice!


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Synonyms — Let's Practice!

Basics on the topic Synonyms — Let's Practice!

Today we are practicing synonyms with Goopaw! This video contains examples to help you further practice and grow confident in this area

Transcript Synonyms — Let's Practice!

Goopaw says get ready to practice, Synonyms. Here is a word. Happy. Which word is a synonym for, or means the SAME as happy? Miserable (...) pleased (...) down. Pleased is a synonym of happy. Let's look at another word. Kind Which word is a synonym of kind? Considerate (...) cruel (...) inconsiderate. (...) Considerate is a synonym of kind because they have similar meaning. Here is the next word. Funny Which WORDS are synonyms of funny? Serious (...) playful (...) comical (...) boring. Playful and comical are synonyms of funny. Here is the next word. Brave Which WORDS are the synonyms of brave? Fearful (...) daring (...) cowardly (...) courageous Daring and courageous are synonyms of brave. Here is the next... word. Mad. Which words are the synonyms of mad? Angry (...) calm (...) furious (...) pleased. Angry and furious are synonyms of mad. Goopaw had so much fun practicing with you today! See you next time!

Synonyms — Let's Practice! exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Synonyms — Let's Practice! .
  • What are the synonyms?


    Find a word that means the same as the adjective already used. If someone feels joy, are they happy or sad?

    Sometimes when we are sad we can also feel annoyed, but is that the same feeling?


    Pip is feeling very happy today because it is sunny. Pip is joyful.

    Pip is feeling sad because he lost his toy. Pip is feeling upset.

  • Finding synonyms.


    Look for root words within the synonyms for clues. For example, courageous has courage and challenging has challenge.

    When someone is furious they are full of fury or rage. What could this be a synonym for?


    This table shows the correctly paired synonyms.

  • Jumbled up letters.


    Begin by reading the word and trying to think of other words that have the same meaning. What has the same meaning as sad?

    Can the letters be re-arranged to make the word? For example, p h a y p can be unscrambled to spell: happy.


    The correct synonyms are:

    • sad and upset
    • beautiful and pretty
    • intelligent and clever

  • Using synonyms in sentences.


    The mouse's house is very small. Which word from the word bank means very small or mini?

    The animals think the cheese is tasty, that means they like it, so they would not say it was disgusting.

    Despise means to hate something. Is this a word that would fit in the sentences?


    Once there was a very small mouse who lived in a tiny underground house. All the other mice would ask, "Why is your house so miniscule?"

    "It has always been this way," replied the mouse. "But it is amazing anyway, I adore it!"

    The little mouse, Nia, who was always very polite and curteous, asked the other animals if they would like to share the cheese.

    "Thank you!" the animals called, "It is very tasty indeed, absolutely delectable!"

  • Synonyms for adjectives.


    If someone is diligent, it means that they take care with the work that they do.

    Someone that might be described as valiant is a soldier or knight.

    Intrepid is sometimes used to describe explorers.


    The correct synonyms are shown in this table.

  • Are they synonyms?


    Try using each of the words in the same sentence. Do they still work to give the same meaning?

    Think of a category that the words might all match, e.g. big. Do all the words fit into this category?

    1. sad - distraught - devastated Yes
    2. excited - eager - disappointed No
    3. rugged - jagged - bumpy Yes
    4. enormous - immense - colossal Yes
    5. shy - timid - withdrawn Yes
    6. confident - outgoing - reserved No