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Antonyms —Let's Practice!


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Antonyms —Let's Practice!

Basics on the topic Antonyms —Let's Practice!

Today we are practicing antonyms with Goopaw! This video contains examples to help you further practice and grow confident in this area

Transcript Antonyms —Let's Practice!

Goopaw says get ready to practice, Antonyms. Here is a word. Thin. Which word is an antonym, or means the opposite, of thin? Slim (...) plump (...) lean. (...) Plump is the antonym of thin because it means the OPPOSITE. If something is plump, then it is full. Let's look at another... word. sensible Which word is an antonym of sensible? Practical(...) realistic (...) ridiculous (...) Ridiculous is the antonym of sensible because it means the OPPOSITE of making a sensible choice. Here is the next... word. Sturdy. Which WORDS are antonyms of sturdy? Delicate (...) hefty (...) athletic (...) weak. (...) Delicate and weak are antonyms of sturdy. Here is the next... word. Worthless Which words are antonyms of worthless? Valuable (...) useless (...) precious (...) cheap. Valuable and precious are antonyms of worthless. Here is the next... word. Allow Which words are antonyms of allow? Let(...) permit (...) prohibit (...) forbid Prohibit and forbid are antonyms of allow. Goopaw had so much fun practicing with you today! See you next time!

Antonyms —Let's Practice! exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Antonyms —Let's Practice! .
  • What is an antonym?


    A synonym is a word that has a similar meaning to another word!

    Happy and sad are antonyms. Are these the same or opposite?

    • An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word.
    • In contrast, a synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word.
  • Which is the antonym?


    Think of a person that is "cheerful" as full of cheer!

    If people wish others a "Merry Christmas", does that mean the opposite of happy?

    The opposite of happy is sad. Which word has the same meaning as sad?


    An antonym of happy is miserable. Cheerful, jolly and merry are all synonyms of happy!

  • What are the antonyms?


    Think of someone who is fearful as full of fear.

    A knight is valiant.

    There are 2 correct answers.


    The antonyms for brave are fearful and cowardly. Courageous and valiant are synonyms of brave.

  • Which words are antonyms and which are not?


    A synonym is a word that has a similar meaning to another word.

    Goopaw is eating a substantial amount of pizza!

    This box is minuscule compared to Goopaw!


    The antonyms of small are large, enormous, giant, substantial. All other words are actually synonyms of small.

  • What is the antonym?


    An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another.

    When something happens swiftly, it happens quickly.

    A snail does not move swiftly!


    The antonym of swift is slow. Hurried, fast, rapid and swift all have similar definitions.

  • Which words are antonyms?


    Look for words with the opposite meaning!

    After eating this pizza, Goopaw will be satiated.


    The antonym pairs are:

    • hungry and satiated
    • defend and attack
    • distant and near
    • rare and common
    • interesting and dull
    • tame and wild.