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Forest Animals


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Basics on the topic Forest Animals

What animals live in the forest? What food do these animals eat? Learn all about the animals of the forest and their food in this video.

Transcript Forest Animals

Newton is looking for a flock of aphids to give zir honeydew. In Newtons search, zi discovers the animals in the forest. Oh! What is that? Newton has found a mound where the wood ant lives. Newton knows that wood ants eat other insects, as well as nectar and honeydew. The wood ants live in colonies, which means that quite a lot of ants live together and share their tasks. There is the queen, who lays eggs, and her children, the workers, hatch from these eggs. Male ants only live for a short time during the year. The workers take care of the nest building, the collection of food, the defense, and child care. Huh, what is that? Look, over here! The woodpecker knocks holes in rotten wood and trees with its beak. The knocking can be heard very far away. Woodpeckers peck at trees for their food, which are mostly insects under the tree bark. Woodpeckers also build cavities, or holes, in trees in this way, which is where their nest is. A pair of woodpeckers raises fledglings, or baby birds, there. When the young birds can fly, they leave the parents. Slowly, dawn comes around and Newton has forgotten the time. Shh, now we have to be quiet. Over there we see deer. The deer are very shy and listens with their large ears to make sure no predator sneaks up on it. Adult deer live alone and feed on grass, shrubs, and buds of young trees. The male is called a roebuck, the female a doe, and the young deer a fawn. Huh, where is everyone? Ahh, there is a wolf! A wolf hides from humans, but deer are part of their diet. So are wild boars, sheep, or rabbits. But a wolf also likes sweet fruits and other treats. The wolf lives in a pack, which is their family. The father is called a wolf, the mother is called a she-wolf, and a young wolf is called a pup. Each pack has a territory, where only they are allowed to hunt. Do you hear that? Who is digging? That is a wild boar. Wild boars are nocturnal, which means they only come out at night. They are also omnivores, so they eat plants and animals like mushrooms, fruit, dead animals, insects, and plants. Wild boars live in a herd, which is a group. The female is called a sow, and a baby wild boar is a piglet. The sow can be especially dangerous for humans when she wants to defend her piglets. The boar, which is the male, lives alone. Oh, I think we should follow Newton. You can see here what Newton has discovered today. In the forest there are many different animals, and most of them we only see sometimes. They all need different foods, and sometimes they live alone or in groups. Just like Newton, who is finally back in zis nest. Except, zi forgot the honeydew!

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    From Knox, 3 months ago
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    From Avash Acharya, 4 months ago
  3. I like learning about animals in the woods! animals are cool!

    From Lucas Scott Kerley, 9 months ago
  4. The baby wolves are SO CUTE!!!

    From Rosie, about 1 year ago
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    From Laila, over 1 year ago
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Forest Animals exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Forest Animals.
  • Which of these animals lives alone?


    The location where wood ants live is known as a colony and ants share tasks there.

    Take note that one option is only the male wild boar.

    There are two animals that live alone in the choices provided.


    Yes, the male wild boar and adult deer are the animals that do not live in a group. Wild boars do live in a group called a pack, but the male boars don't live with them. Adult deer live on their own.

    Wood ants live in colonies, wolves live in packs, and woodpeckers live in families.

  • What tasks do worker ants do?


    Remember, the queen ant in a colony is the only one to lay eggs.

    Only two of these jobs are not done by the worker ants!


    Yes, worker ants are responsible for building nests, collecting food, defense, and child care. Eggs are laid by the queen ant and ants don't knock holes in trees; woodpeckers do!

  • What do we call the baby animals?


    One of the names for a baby animal is a piglet. Which of the animals looks similarly to a pig?

    One of the names for a baby animal is a pup. This almost looks like the word puppy. Which animal looks similar to a dog?


    The baby animals each have a special name depending on the type of animal they are:

    • The name for a baby deer is a fawn
    • The name for a baby wolf is a pup
    • The name for a baby woodpecker is a fledgling*
    • The name for a baby wild boar is a piglet
  • Which animals eat other animals? Which eat plants?


    Remember, insects are considered animals too.

    If an animal is an omnivore (eats meat and plants), they still would be considered an animal that eats animals.

    Only one animal shown eats only plants.


    While many animals like the boar and the ant eat plants, deer are the only animals that we learned about today that eat only plants.

  • Which animals can we find in the forest?


    Remember, a piglet is the name of a baby animal, not the name of the adult animal.

    Though spiders can live in the forest, were they mentioned in the video?


    You can see all of the correct answers in the picture here! The wild boar, deer, wolf, woodpecker, and wood ant are all animals we learned about today in the forest.

    Spiders and sheep may live in the forest, but they are not pictured in this photo. Piglets are the name of a baby wild boar, not the adult animal.

  • Which animal could it be?


    Deer only eat plants (Herbivores). If they only eat plants, do they need to hunt?


    The animal described is a wolf! Wolves live and hunt in packs in a specific territory. They eat other animals like deer, sheep, and rabbits. The name for their young is a pup!