Writing and Evaluating Expressions with Multiplication and Division – Practice Problems

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Evaluating a word problem requires the ability to translate words into their corresponding mathematical expressions. Coupled with the ability to recognize specific keywords to identify operations, like multiplication or division, writing the correct expression will enable an accurate solution to the word problem at hand. Learn how to write and evaluate expressions with multiplication and division by helping the Smiths beat the Joneses in the annual holiday decoration contest.

Common Core Reference: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.EE.A.2

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Walk through the steps of picking a variable, setting up an expression, and completing a table.
Complete the table using the correct expression.
Complete the table to find the expression.
Determine the wanted values.
Evaluate the expression $4l+200$ for the given $l$ values.
Express the word problem as an expression and evaluate.