One Point, One Slope, One Line – Practice Problems

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Given a point and a slope, a line can be drawn by plotting the point on a coordinate plane, then using the slope to get a second, or even a third or a fourth, point, and then finally connecting the points to produce a line. It’s important to note that two points always determine a line and that the slope is constant anywhere throughout the line. With this, we can see that given one point and one slope, we will always get one, unique line. Learn how to graph the line determined by a point and a slope by watching Thomas, a shoddy mathemagician, performs tricks to please the crowd. Common Core Reference: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.F.B.4

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Find the equation for the corresponding line given a point and a slope.
Given a point and a slope, graph the resulting line.
Write the equation of the resulting line given a point and a slope.
Determine a line from a given point and slope.
Determining which points lie on which lines.
Prove that given a slope and point, there's only one line with that slope passing through that point.