Exponents and Multiplication – Product of Powers Property – Practice Problems

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If you are solving exponent multiplication problems by writing out equations in the long form, probably your fingers are cramping and you are using lots and lots of paper and sharpening your pencil again and again.

To learn how to save your fingers and some trees, watch this video. Rather than writing out exponent multiplication problems in the long form, use the Product of Powers Rule to make problems easier to solve and finish the work more quickly.

The Product of Powers Rule states: for same base exponents, add the exponents, and then simplify. So, for the problem 2 raised to the 20th power times 2 raised to the 10th power – rather than writing out all of those 2s - since the bases are the same, you can just add the exponents. The answer is 2 raised to the 30th power. Wow that was really fast and no trees had to die!

Now that you can finish your exponent multiplication homework so quickly, what can you do with all the time you will have left? Well since your fingers will no longer be cramped, you can take up knitting while you watch more Algebra I videos from sofatutor. Whatever you decide to do, have fun while learning, and you may be surprised how much fun it is to solve math problems!

Interpret the structure of expressions.


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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Find out the number of words Ethan has to write by using the Product of Powers Rule.
Determine how many words Ethan will be able to write in the next $16$ hours.
Using the Product of Powers Property, identify the base-exponent pair(s) that are factors of the displayed base-exponent.
Find out how many animals Ethan has seen by using the Product of Powers Property.
Describe how to multiply powers with the same base according to the Power of Products Property.
Simplify the given products of powers by using the Product of Powers Property.