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One More Than


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One More Than

Basics on the topic One More Than

Do you know what "one more than" means? In this text you will learn what ‘one more than’ means. Additionally, watch this video and practice with ‘one more than a number’ worksheets to learn about adding more.

Adding 1 More Than – Definition

Adding 1 to any given number means that you end up with one more than before.

When we talk about ‘more’ we are adding to what we already have. Adding one means to put another item in the group that you already have.

Imagine you have two candies, and a friend gives you one more. Now you have three candies! One more than two is three.

One More Than – Method

When adding one more than;

  • Always start with the first number.
  • Then, add one more by counting.
  • Finally, find the total number.


One More Than – Examples

‘One more than’ strategy works for any number - no matter how small or large. Let’s have a look at a couple of examples:

Starting number One more than the starting number
5 6
22 23
0 1
125 126
99 100

One More Than – Importance in Foundational Math

Just like learning to walk before you run, understanding "one more than" helps you become a math superstar as you grow. Understanding “one more than” lays the foundation for secure number sense and place value understanding. With secure understanding of these areas, one is able to successfully move on to working with bigger numbers and more sophisticated math questions.

Practical Applications of "One More Than"

Let's see how we use "one more than" in our daily lives!

“One More Than” is a straightforward strategy to apply when shopping. When you're in a toy store and you have one toy, but you pick up another one, you now have "one more than" the first toy.

It is also easy to use “One More Than” in real-life Situations, when talking about age, height, and other measurements On your next birthday, you'll be "one more than" your age now. So, if you are 4 years old now, you'll be 5 on your next birthday.

One More than – Summary

Every big journey starts with a single step. In our math journey, "one more than" is that important step. It's like a magic key that opens the door to bigger and more fun math adventures.

To be able to use the method of “adding 1” to get to “one more than” successfully, always remember to use the following steps:

Step # What to do
1. Always start with the first number
2. Add one more by counting.
3. Find the total number.

One More than – Frequently Asked Questions

What does "one more than" mean in math?
How is the concept used in real life?
Is "one more than" related to ordinal numbers?
What about numbers below zero?

Transcript One More Than

: "What are you doing, Henry?" : "I'm preparing for our picnic! : "What are you making?" : "Lemonade!" : "That sounds great, but maybe we should add one more thing?" Skylar and Henry are preparing for a picnic and want to bring lots of things. Let's help them learn about 'one more than.' Has anyone ever said to you ‘one more minute!’ or “one more treat, and then you’re done!’ What does ‘one more’ even mean? When we talk about ‘more’ we are adding to what we already have. If someone says one more minute that means we are adding more time. Another way to think about one more is birthdays! If you are three years old and you have one more birthday, how old are you? Four! So, one more than three is four. Now that we know a bit about one more, let's help Henry and Skylar create the perfect picnic. Henry is making brownies for dessert. He has five right now, but wants to add one more. What is one more than five? There are many ways to find one more. Let's use a number strip first! Start by circling the first number, five. Next, count one more. That's the answer! How many brownies will Henry bring? Six! One more than five is six. Next, Skylar wants to bring some plushies. She has seven small plushies and wants to bring one more. How many plushies will she have altogether? This time we can count to find the answer. Start with seven fingers. Then, add one more. The number of fingers you have in total is the answer! What is one more than seven? Eight! Finally, Henry is gathering some toy trains to play with. If he has eight trains and wants to add one more, how many trains does he have? This time we can use drawings to help count. We can use a circle for each train. Start by drawing eight circles for the first number. Next, draw one more circle, for one more train. The number of circles you have is the answer! How many circles are there? (...) Nine! So, Henry will bring nine trains with him. Before we go on our picnic, let's review. Today we learned about one more than. Remember the word more means addition... and that you can use different ways to count on to find the answer. Always start with the first number. Then, add one more. Finally, find the total number. That's the answer! Now, I think it's time for a picnic! : "Henry? Can you carry the backpack? It's too heavy for me!" : "I don't think I can..." : "I guess we'll have to take the train instead of walking then!"

One More Than exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video One More Than .
  • Select which picture shows one more.


    Use your fingers to find one more.

    Hold up 3 fingers, then add one more.


    Use your fingers to find one more.

    1. Hold up 3 fingers.
    2. Hold up one more finger.
    3. You have 4 fingers up in all.
    So, one more than 3 is 4.

  • Highlight the cake that shows one more than 6.


    One more means adding one to what you already have.

    The correct cake has one more than 6.


    One more than 6 is 7.

    You can draw 6 circles, hold up 6 fingers or draw one a number then, then add one more, you get 7.

  • Write one more in the blank.


    Use a number line, pictures or your fingers to find one more.

    Draw the given number using pictures, then draw one more. How many do you have in all?


    One more means we add one to the given number.

    You can use a number line, pictures or your fingers to find one more.

  • Match the given number to the number that is one more.


    Draw pictures to help you find one more.

    Draw the given number. Add one more. Count how many you have in all.


    You can use a number line, pictures or your fingers to find one more.

    Look at the given number. Add one more. Then count how many you have in all.

  • What does one more mean?


    When you add one more the number gets bigger.

    Adding one more means you add to what you have.


    One more means adding one to what you have.

    If you have 5 brownies and you add one more, you have 6 brownies.

    You can use a number line, pictures or your fingers to find one more.

  • Can you find two more than the given number?


    Use your fingers to find two more.

    Show the given number on your fingers. Add two more fingers.


    You can use your fingers to determine one more and two more.

    Hold up the given number on your fingers. Then, add two more fingers.