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What is Poetry?


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What is Poetry?

Basics on the topic What is Poetry?

What is Poetry?

What is the purpose of poetry? In this video we explore three traits of poetry. Continue reading below to learn more about what is poetry mainly about.

What is Poetry About

Poetry is a type of writing usually used to try and create a feeling while reading it. Poetry can be fictional, or nonfictional meaning that sometimes it includes characters that aren’t real, but sometimes it does not. What is the difference between poem and poetry you ask? Poetry is the type of writing that poems are, it can include many different types of poems by different authors. A poem is one piece of poetry that someone writes.

What is Rhyme in Poetry?

You might be wondering, what is a rhyme in poetry? Sometimes poets, the people who write poetry, include rhyming words in their poems. Rhyming words is when the ending sounds of two or more words are the same.

But, what is word choice in poetry? Sometimes poets include specific words to try and make their readers feel or think of something in particular. They choose words based on what they want the reader to picture or feel.

Finally, what is beat poetry? Some poems even follow a rhythm, or, beat! When poems do this, they often sound kind of like songs. They have patterns, and sometimes repeat.

What is Poetry - Summary

Today we learned all about poetry. We learned about three different types of poetry, rhyming poetry, word choice, and beat poetry!

Poetry – Additional Practice

Have you practiced yet? After this video are interactive exercises and worksheets to learn more about the different types of poetry.

Transcript What is Poetry?

: "What a wonderful book, I'm so glad I started reading it!" : "Wait (...) what's that noise?" : "Zayd? What are you doing? (...) And why do you sound like that?" : "Cookies to SHARE (...) a breeze in the AIR (...) a picnic with a little bear!" : "Poet power? What IS that?" Zayd has had some poet power to drink and is now talking like a poet to write poetry! There's just one thing that Ari is wondering about... "what is poetry?" Have you ever heard someone say 'you’re a poet and you didn’t even know it!'" What is a poet? A poet is someone who writes poetry. Poetry is a type of writing, usually used to try to create a feeling or picture... and it can be fiction OR nonfiction. It often uses rhymes, which is when the ending sounds of two or more words are the same such as pot and hot or small and ball. Poems can have a sense of rhythm, or seem to follow a beat. Kind of like in a song! They can have patterns… and sometimes repeat. Let's take a look at some of the poems that Zayd is creating with his special poet potion! : "Small and WHITE (...) fluffy and BRIGHT (...) I love clouds with all my MIGHT!" What do you notice about Zayd's cloud poem? Zayd's poem is all about what clouds look like, and the words rhyme! Which words rhyme in Zayd's cloud poem? The words white, bright, and might all have the same ending sound and rhyme. Did you know that sometimes poets don't use rhyming in their poems? Instead they might use specific words to try to make their reader feel something. We call these types of words, feeling words. I wonder what kind of poem Zayd has come up with now! : "hot sun, cool waves, my best friends with me at the beach!" What do you notice about Zayd's beach poem? This poem does NOT have rhyming words in it! You might have also noticed certain words that made you feel something. For example, maybe when you hear the word 'friend' it made you feel happy, or excited. I wonder if Zayd has made any type of beat poems... remember that beat poems follow a certain rhythm like in songs! : "With wings to soar, I ask for no more, a bird in the sky, is my biggest wish!" What do you notice about Zayd's bird poem? You might have noticed that some of the words rhyme, like soar and more. OR maybe you noticed some special words that make you feel something, like wish. Sometimes those special words also make you picture something, like the word sky! Before we see what Ari thinks about poetry, let's review. Today we learned all about poetry! Poetry is a type of writing, often used to try to create a feeling or picture. We learned about rhymes, feeling words, and beats in poetry... and that sometimes they can have patterns or repeat! Now let's see what Ari thinks! Wait a second, Ari? It looks like Ari has found themself a bottle of poet power too! : "I am ME and I am FREE and that is all I want to BE!"

What is Poetry? exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video What is Poetry?.
  • What are the traits of poetry?


    Poetry can use rhyming words.

    Poetry can create a feeling, such as the sun making you feel joyful.

    There are 5 correct answers.


    Poetry is a type of writing used to create a feeling or picture.

  • Complete the rhyming poem.


    The words in blue rhyme in this poem.

    • What word rhymes with sun?
    • What word rhymes with May?

    The rhyming words in this poem are sun and fun, and May and play.

  • Which option gives an example of rhythm?


    Do you hear a beat?

    Do you hear any rhyming words?

    This option does not have rhythm because there is no beat.


    The words too and do rhyme, which adds rhythm to this poem.

  • Highlight the feeling words in the poem.


    "Love" is a feeling word used to make the reader feel happy.

    Which words in this poem make you feel warm?


    These highlighted feeling words make the reader feel warm.

  • Complete the poem with the correct rhyming words.


    These words rhyme because their endings sound the same.

    • What word rhymes with play?
    • What word rhymes with sing?

    These words have the same ending sound. Play rhymes with today and sing rhymes with swing.

  • Identify the words that give this poem rhythm.


    The rhyming words give this poem rhythm because they create a beat.

    • The rhyming words create a beat, which give the poem rhythm.
    • Which words are rhyming in this poem? Where do you hear a beat?

    This poem has a rhythm. The ending sounds create a beat.