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Types of Texts— Let’s Practice!


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Types of Texts— Let’s Practice!

Basics on the topic Types of Texts— Let’s Practice!

Let's practice types of text with Goopaw!

Transcript Types of Texts— Let’s Practice!

Goopaw says get ready to practice identifying... "Types of Texts!" Remember, a text is anything printed or written that you can explore with your eyes or ears. We can read, write, look at, or even listen to texts. They can be storybooks, (...) poetry, (...) plays, (...) magazines, (...) menus (...) and more! Let's look at some examples and pick the right type! Here is the first... example. Is THIS text a storybook or a menu? This is a STORYBOOK because it has a front and back cover with pages that tell stories! Let's look at another... text. Is THIS a magazine or poetry? This is POETRY because the words are written in groups of lines that happen to rhyme at the end. It also makes the reader imagine and feel something! Here is the next... text. Is THIS text a play or a newspaper? This is a PLAY because the words are written for characters to speak and act out. Try this... text. Is it a menu or poetry? This is a MENU because it is a list of items you can pick from. Here is the next... example. Is this a storybook or magazine? This is a MAGAZINE because it has many different stories and articles inside. It's also published many times a year! Good work! Goopaw had so much fun identifying texts with you today! See you next time!