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The Letter M


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The Letter M

Basics on the topic The Letter M

Introduction to the Letter M

Welcome to the wonderful world of the alphabet where, today, we're focusing on the mighty letter M. It's a letter that might make you think of munching on your favorite snack or seeing a mountain in the distance. The letter M is not only the thirteenth letter in the English alphabet, but it also plays a crucial role in language by starting many common words. Get ready to explore the sound and shape of the letter M and how it fits into our daily communication!

Understanding the Letter M – Definition and Sounds

The letter M is the thirteenth letter of the English alphabet, and it represents a consonant sound often spelled out as /m/ , as heard at the beginning of the word moon.

This sound is produced by closing the lips together and allowing the vocal cords to vibrate.

Recognizing the letter M and its sound is a foundational skill in reading and writing. It's a part of many important early vocabulary words for children, such as mom, milk, and map.

How do you make the sound of the letter M?
Can you list a word that includes the letter M?
Where does the letter M come in the sequence of the alphabet?

Writing the Letter M – How to?

Writing the Letter M is straightforward and involves a few easy steps. To write the uppercase M, start at the top left, draw a straight line down to the bottom before going back to the top. Next, draw a diagonal line down to the middle bottom, then draw a diagonal line up to the top right, and finish by drawing a straight line down to the bottom. For the lowercase m, start in the middle, draw a straight line down, then draw two small humps to the right, each starting at the bottom line and curving up to meet the middle line.

The Letter M – Example Words and Sentences

The letter M is mighty and often appears at the beginning, middle, and end of words. For instance, Molly the monkey munched on many mangoes. Here, the letter M is used at the start of several words, showcasing its frequent usage and versatility.

Words with the Letter M

The letter M is quite common, so let's look at a list of words that feature this letter prominently:

Begin With Contain End With
monkey summer slim
mango lemon drum
mouse family gym
mountain tomato poem

The Letter M – Summary

Key Learnings from this Text:

  • The letter M is the thirteenth letter in the English alphabet.
  • It creates the consonant sound /m/ found in many words.
  • Recognizing the uppercase "M" and lowercase "m" is crucial for reading and writing.
  • The letter M can be written with simple strokes and is featured at the beginning, middle, and end of words.

Keep practicing the letter M with exciting activities and games, and you'll soon master this essential part of the alphabet!

The Letter M – Frequently Asked Questions

What sound does the letter M make?
Is the letter M a vowel or a consonant?
Can you give an example of a word that ends with the letter M?
What is a fun way to teach the sound of the letter M?
How do you write the uppercase letter M?
Why is the letter M important to learn?
What are some activities that can help kids remember the letter M?
What are some common words that start with the letter M for children to learn?
How do you write the lowercase letter m?
Does the letter M always make the same sound?

Transcript The Letter M

Let’s join Dee and Kala in the phonics garden ... and learn all about… "The Letter ". This is the letter , it makes the sound /M/. This is an uppercase ... and this is a lowercase one. They both make the /M/ sound. like in ... moon , ... man , ... and in mask ! Let's practice the /m/ sound with Kala! "/M/ (...) (...) /M/!" Can you spy anything in the garden that begins with the letter ? "There's a monkey (...) that starts with the letter !" Is there anything else in the garden that starts with ? "There's a mouse (...) that ALSO begins with the letter !" Uh-oh! is hiding with other letters! Can you help find the letter in the alphabet? Point to the letter when you find it! Did you also point here? You did some great work in the phonics garden! Today we learned all about the letter , ... we listened to and made the /M/ sound... we found words that began with the letter (...) and found it in the alphabet! Interested in a challenge? Watch this video again and try to find the MANGO and MAP hidden in the garden! Comment below when and where you find them! Want to learn more? Check out the next letter video in the alphabet, the letter !

The Letter M exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video The Letter M.
  • Which one is the correct letter?


    Listen carefully to the sound, play it again and think about what you can hear.

    This is a picture of a ____.

    Look again at the picture above. What sound does this word start with?


    The correct letter is m. This makes the /m/ sound.

  • What sound does the letter make?


    The word man starts with the sound.

    Listen to all four sounds again. Which one is the same as the beginning of the word mud?


    The correct sound is /m/.

  • Find the objects that begin with m.


    There are 5 items that start with m to highlight.

    Listen to this word. Can you find it in the picture?

    Listen carefully to the names of the objects.


    The five items that begin with m are:

    • monkey
    • medal
    • magnet
    • mouse
    • mop
  • What is the word?


    Listen carefully. Does the word start or end with m?

    What other sounds can you hear?

    Here we can see the words with pictures. Use this to help you find the matching pairs above.


    The words are:

    1. mask
    2. plum
    3. ram
    4. moth
  • Help Kala find the objects that begin with m.


    Listen to the sound. Which words begin with this sound?

    Say all of the items out loud. In which ones do you hear the /m/ sound at the beginning?

    There are two correct choices.


    Map and milk start with /m/.

  • Can you put the words in the correct group?


    Listen carefully to this word. Do you hear m at the beginning or at the end?

    Think carefully about the first sound that you hear, is it m or a different sound?

    There are 3 words that begin with m and 3 words that end with m.


    Mole, moose and menu have m at the beginning.

    Jam, pram and swim have m at the end.