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Describing Words (Adjectives)


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Describing Words (Adjectives)

Basics on the topic Describing Words (Adjectives)

Watch and learn all about the describing words, also called adjectives, with Pip and Koko!

Transcript Describing Words (Adjectives)

Art class is in session for Pip and his friends! Today, Ms. Koko is teaching them how to paint! She tells the class to get inspired and use adjectives to create their masterpieces! "Great, Ms. Koko! But, what's an adjective!?" Let's help the budding artists by learning about "Describing Words, Adjectives." As we learn how to read and write, it is important to learn about different types of words. Words that describe a person, place, or thing are called adjectives. One job a word can do is to tell us more about other words in that sentence. Words that describe a person, place, or thing are called adjectives. You may not know it, but you've already heard and used many adjectives! Anytime you talked about something's size, shape, color, number, smell, or feelings you were using an adjective! There are so many adjectives. Let’s just look at a few examples! Words like small and big are adjectives that describe someone, something, or some place's size. Round or square may describe a shape, or the shape of something. Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue could describe the color. One, two, three, four and so on describe the number. Sweet or stinky could describe the smell. And, nervous, happy, sad, or mad might describe its feelings! We can put an adjective right before the word it describes by saying something like: the red heart'. Or we can put it right after the word is, or the word are, like this: the heart is red' or the hearts are red.' Now that we know more about these describing adjectives, let's help the art class match some adjectives with the picture they describe! This adjective says square, which picture does it describe? It describes this square pillow! Let's draw a line from the word square to the square pillow! The next adjective says pink, which picture does it describe? It describes this pink flamingo! Let's draw a line from the word pink to the pink flamingo! The last adjective says pretty, which picture does it describe? It describes these pretty flowers! Let's draw a line from the word pretty to the pretty flowers! While the class paints their own square, pink, and pretty pictures, let's remember! Today we learned about describing words called adjectives. Adjectives are words that describe a person, place, or thing, like its size, shape, color, number, smell, or feelings. We put adjectives right before the word they describe, or right after the word is or the word are. "Now let's see how these came out. Good, nice." " Ok, Pip, what do you have to show me?" "Pip! This may be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

Describing Words (Adjectives) exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Describing Words (Adjectives).
  • What adjective completes the sentence?


    What color are the ducks?

    The ducks are white and yellow.

    The ducks are not purple.

    Let's count the ducks.

    How many ducks do you see?


    There are four ducks.

  • Which painting shows something round and blue?


    Something round looks like a circle.

    Which pictures show something round?

    These things are round.

    Which one is blue?


    The ball is round and blue.

  • Can you help Ms. Koko?


    Sweet and stinky are smells

    Sweet is a good smell.

    Stinky is a bad smell.

    If you are sad you are not happy.

    Which picture shows someone who is not happy?


    Sad describes the boy.

    Sweet describes the rose.

    Stinky describes the socks.

    Square describes the window.

  • Which words are adjectives?


    We can put an adjective right before the word it describes.

    The adjective yellow describes the word fish.

    The words elephant and mouse are the names of animals.

    They are not adjectives.

    Think about how you can describe an elephant.

    What size is it?

    How does it smell?

    What color is it?

    How is it feeling?

    Now look at the sentence, what describing word do you see for the elephant?

    There are two adjectives in the sentence.


    The adjectives in the sentence are big and small.

    Big describes the elephant.

    Small describes the mouse.

  • How would you describe the fox?


    What color is the fox?

    The fox is orange.

    The fox is not green.

    Look at the fox.

    How is she feeling?

    Is she happy, sad, nervous or mad?


    The word happy describes the fox.

    Happy is an adjective.

  • Can you match the adjective to the category it belongs to?


    Red and orange are examples of colors.

    Happy and sad are examples of feelings.

    Medium and large are examples of sizes.

    Four and five are examples of numbers.


    Pink is a color.

    Sleepy is a feeling.

    Two is a number.

    Small is a size.