What are Quadratic Functions? 03:19 minutes

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Transcript What are Quadratic Functions?

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A quadratic equation, written in standard form, is equal to y=ax²+bx+c for all 'a's not equal to zero.

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Back to parabolas and quadratic equations. Let's investigate some characteristics of the equations and their corresponding graphs. The 'a' value, the coefficient of the squared variable, determines the width of the parabola. The greater the 'absolute' value of a, the thinner the parabola. This is the graph of the quadratic equation, with 'a' = 1: y = x². And this is a graph of a quadratic equation, with 'a' less than 1: y = (1/2)x². And here we have 'a' greater than 1: y = 6x². When we compare to the graph of y = x², it's almost as if were on a diet...

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The sign of the 'a' value affects a parabola's direction. When the 'a' value is negative, the parabola is shaped like a frown. But when the 'a' value is positive, we can turn that frown upside down!

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