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Meet Glen. He wants a roommate and everyone in America has declined. The only one to show interest is, Nigel. Nigel and Glen just need to finalize a few things before Nigel moves in. Glen has drawn up an agreement for the one thing he’s most particular about: temperature. Glen always wants certain temperatures to be the same: the room the shower and most importantly, Glen! Nigel finds all of this a little odd, but signs the agreement anyway. Little do these fast friends know they’ll need to apply everything they know about Temperature Conversion to get along. Glen looks a little under the weather so Nigel helps out by taking his temperature, 98.6?!? Glen’s burning up! The normal body temperature in Celsius is 37 degrees. But he thermometer is in Fahrenheit! When converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, you just have to remember a simple formula: This says that, to get a temperature in Celsius you first have to subtract 32 from the temperature in Fahrenheit and then multiply the result by five-ninths. Let’s plug in Glen’s temperature to see if he’s really sick. Subtracting 32 from Glen's temperature of 98.6, we get 66.6. Then, we multiply by 5, giving us 333 over 9 and dividing gives us 37 degrees. So Glen's temperature is normal, but fearing the worst, Nigel raises the water temperature and changes the room temperature to 23 degrees for his new buddy. Let’s see where Nigel went wrong. In Fahrenheit, 23 degrees is really cold maybe Nigel's still thinking in terms of degrees Celsius. Let's convert this temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. When converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit you have to use the opposite formula from before. First, multiply both sides of the equation by the reciprocal of 5 over 9 in order to remove the fraction on the right side of the equation. Then, isolate the 'F' by adding 32 to both sides of the equation. Now we can substitute 23°C in our equation to see how hot or cold it is in the apartment. First, much like before, substitute the temperature in Celsius, 23 degrees, into the equation multiplying 23 by 9 gives us 207 dividing this by 5 gives us 41.4 and finally, adding 32 gives us the temperature in Fahrenheit, 73.4. So, to review when converting Celsius to Fahrenheit. Multiply the the temperature in Celsius by 9 over 5. Then add 32 to the product and to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius first subtract 32 then multiply the result by 5 over 9. However, if you're converting temperature and you just need an estimate you can multiply by 2 when you need to multiply by 9 over 5 and divide by 2 if you need to multiply by 5 over 9. Let's see how Glen and Nigel are getting along. Oh, good. It looks like they’ve cleared up the confusion. But this brain marathon has made Glen sweaty, so he decides to take a shower. Oops...Nigel must have forgotten to change the water temperature back…