Multi-Step Problems with Percent 02:43 minutes

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Transcript Multi-Step Problems with Percent

There is a big ski event today at the South Pole. To show off her mad skiing skills, a pretty Yeti named Betty, wants to rent some new penguin skis, but Betty has a budget, and she doesn’t want to spend more than one hundred fifty fish dollars on the rental. Does she have enough money to rent the skis? Let's find out.

Solving multi-step Problems with Percents

The regular price to rent penguin skis is 225 fish dollars, but for today only, there is a 45% discount. Sales tax is 8% of the original rental price. Let's calculate the total cost of the rental, including the 45% discount and the 8% sales tax.

  1. First, let's determine the new price of the rental by calculating the discount: 225 · 45% = 101.25. Remember: Percent means you have to divide by 100.
  2. Next, subtract the discount from the full price: 225 − 101.25 i= 123.75.
  3. Since we gotta pay the tax man, calculate the 8% tax: 123.75 · 8% = 9.90.
  4. Taxes increase the price of things, so add the tax to determine the total cost: 123.75 + 9.90 = 133.65.

Betty must pay 133.65, in fish currency, to rent the skis.

Easier way to solve the multi-step Problem with Percents

That's a lot of calculations. You may be thinking… is there an easier way? You betcha! How 'bout I show you a shortcut?

The full price is 225, which is 100%. So, since 100% minus the 45% discount is equal to 55%, we can save a step by calculating 55% of the full price to determine the new price: 225 · 55% = 123.75.

Don't forget to include the sales tax: 100% + 8% = 108%. Multiply the new price times 108%. The total price is 133.65 in fish dollars, of course.

And best of all, Pretty Betty the Yeti has enough money to rent the penguin skis. She is super excited to hit the slopes! But the penguins, they're not so sure.