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Transcript Convert between Percent, Fractions and Decimals

This is Toni. He's the owner of "Toni's 100% Pizza," which is famous for its delicious, customized pizzas. At the moment, he's taking a customer's order.

The customer orders a pizza with 50% mushrooms, 0.125 of pepperoni and three-eighths tomatoes. Hmm, that is a weird order! How can Toni make such a pizza?

What does Percent mean?

To fulfill this order, Toni has to convert between percents, decimals, and fractions.

Let's start with converting decimals and fractions to percents. Percent means 'per hundred' and describes part of a whole just like fractions and decimals.

If the pizza were cut into 100 slices, 1 slice would equal 1 percent. The percent sign looks like two little zeros with a diagonal line dividing them... or maybe a division sign that lost its balance.

Converting Decimals and Fractions to Percents

Let's convert decimals to percents. To convert a decimal to a percent you first multiply by 100. 0.125 multiplied by 100 is 12.5. Now we add the percent sign. So the answer is 12.5%.

Now let's convert fractions into decimals. The numerator is divided into the denominator by using long division.

8 is written outside of the division sign and 3 is written under the division sign. As you know, 8 can't go into 3, so you put a zero followed by a decimal point above the division bar and add point zero zero zero after the 3.

Then, see if 8 can go into 30; yup! 3 times. 3 times 8, is 24. We subtract this from 30, leaving us with 6. The next 0 is brought down to be the next digit. This process is repeated until the remainder is 0. The result is 0.375.

Now you just have to convert the decimal 0.375 to a percent. You already know: multiply by 100 and then add the percent sign! Finally you get 37.5%.

Converting Percent and Decimals into Fractions

Now, Toni can make the pizza. 50 percent mushrooms, which is easy. But, what about 12.5 and 37.5 percent? Maybe we should convert everything into fractions.

Let's start with 50%. Write the percent divided by 100. So you have 50 over 100. Then reduce the fraction. This gives us one-half.

Now let's convert 0.125. 0.125 means 125 thousandths. So you write 125 as the numerator and 1000 as the denominator. Now reduce the fraction. The answer is one-eighth.

Now, Toni can make the pizza. The remaining part has one-eighth pepperoni. And there are three-eighths tomatoes.

Remember how to convert between Percents, Fractions and Decimals

To remember better how to convert between percents, fractions and decimals, you can use this triangle.

  • You can convert percents to fractions by dividing them by 100. Remember to reduce the fraction.
  • If you want to convert a fraction to a decimal, just divide the two numbers and there you have it!
  • To convert decimals to a percent, multiply the decimal by 100 and add a percent sign.

Let's see what Toni does as payback for this prankster.