Solving Rational Equations – Practice Problems

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A rational equation is an equation in which one or more terms is a rational expression – a fraction in which the numerator and/or the denominator are polynomials. When solving a rational equation, a method known as cross multiplication is used to eliminate the denominators on both sides of the equation. For instance, using cross multiplication, we can rewrite the equation (3/x) = (6/x+4) as 3(x+4) = 6x, and then solve for x. Learn more about how to solve rational equations by helping Grandpa Lindbergh and his tour group survive on a deserted island. Common Core Reference: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSA.REI.A.2

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Describe how to solve the rational equation.
Calculate how much time it takes General Good and Grandpa Lindbergh to weave $1$ leave.
Determine the rate of gathering berries.
Calculate how much time Jason and Naya can spend maximum to tie $1$ bouquet.
Set up the rational equation.
Solve the rational equations.