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Drawing Shapes— Let's Practice!


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Drawing Shapes— Let's Practice!

Basics on the topic Drawing Shapes— Let's Practice!

Let Razzi help you practice drawing shapes like triangles, squares, circles, and rectangles!

Transcript Drawing Shapes— Let's Practice!

Razzi says get a pencil and paper ready because today we're going to practice, “Drawing Shapes!” It's time to begin! Let's start by drawing a three-sided triangle! Razzi's triangle leans on the way down, then goes straight across, and leans on the way back up. Now try it on your paper! Did you make a triangle? Let's draw another shape! This time let's make a same sided square! Razzi's square goes straight down, straight across, back up and back across. Now it's your turn; try to make each side the same! Did you draw a square? Let's draw a round circle now! Razzi's circle starts at the top and curves all the way back around. Now it's your turn to try! How did your circle come out? Let's try one more: a four sided rectangle! Razzi's rectangle goes straight down a little bit, straight across a lot, back up a little, then back across a lot. Now it's your turn to try! Did you make a rectangle too? Razzi had so much fun practicing with you today! See you next time!