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The Letter Y


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The Letter Y

Basics on the topic The Letter Y

Welcome to the Phonics Garden! Follow along as Dee and Kala learn all about the letter Y.

Transcript The Letter Y

Let’s join Dee and Kala in the phonics garden and learn all about "The Letter Y". This is the letter Y, it makes the sound /Y/. This is an uppercase Y and this is a lowercase one. They both make the /Y/ sound like in yawn, yellow, and yoga! Let's practice the /Y/ sound with Kala! "/Y/, Y, /Y/!" Can you spy anything in the garden that begins with the letter Y? " There's a yo-yo; that starts with the letter Y!" Is there anything else in the garden that starts with /Y/? "There's some yogurt that also begins with the letter Y!" Uh-oh! Y is hiding with other letters! Can you help find the letter Y in the alphabet? Point to the letter when you find it! Did you also point here? You did some great work in the phonics garden! Today we learned all about the letter Y, we listened to and made the /Y/ sound! We found words that began with the letter Y and found it in the alphabet! Interested in a challenge? Watch this video again and see if you can find the yarn, the yak, and the yacht in the garden! Comment below when you find them! If you want to learn more, check out the last letter in the alphabet, the letter Z!