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Basics on the topic Synonyms

Synonyms – Definition

What are synonyms? There are millions of words in the world, and each with their own meaning. But, did you know that some of these meanings are closer to each other than you think? In this synonyms video for first grade, we learn about what a synonym is and explore some synonyms for verbs. What is the meaning of synonyms? Let’s have a look at the definition of the term synonym.

Synonyms are different words that mean the same things. The word synonym is derived from the Greek syllable syn, which means "together", and the Greek word ónoma (meaning "name" or "word"). Synonyms are related words because they have a similar meaning. Especially when writing essays or short stories, synonyms are helpful because they can make the text more linguistically varied.

What Are Synonyms Used For?

You may be wondering, why are synonyms important? Synonyms can be used for many different things! They can help us when we are writing to describe things in a new way. They can also help us when reading to understand a story or text better. Sometimes, you can decide which synonym to use based on how strong the feeling in the sentence is.

Synonyms – Examples

Let’s take a look at some examples of synonyms for first grade. Look at the picture below and ask yourself, what is a synonym for the word jump?


There are many different synonyms for the word jump. Such as, hop!

Let’s take a look at another example. Look at the picture below, what is a synonym for the word yell?


There are many different synonyms for yell, such as shout, or scream!

In the following list you can see more examples of words and their synonyms:

term synonyms
because because of, by
eat dine, consume, feast
walk run, trot, march
house building, structure, estate
colorful colorful, multi-colored, colorful
delicious delicious, tasty, exquisite

Synonyms – Summary and Practice

Today we learned all about synonyms! We learned that they can help us to understand what we are reading better, and decide which words to include in writing. Interested in learning more? Following this video are interactive exercises and synonym worksheets for first grade. Don’t forget to comment below and tell us what are 3 words that are synonyms!

Example Alternative
Jump Hop
Yell Shout
Smile Grin
Little Small

Transcript Synonyms

: "Okay, one word, and it's an action?" : "I know! Jump!" : "You are close but the word was actually hop!" : "Isn't that the same thing?" : "It's a synonym." : "What is a synonym?" Dee and Kala are playing charades but are having trouble with the words they are guessing. Let's help them by learning about synonyms. What does the word synonym mean? A synonym is a word that has the same or close meaning to another word. Synonyms can help us when we are writing to describe things in a new way. They can also help us when reading to understand a story or text better. Let's take a look at the next charade word to learn more. : "One word and it's an action, okay!" : "Hmm, you look frightened... oh I know! Is the word afraid?" : "Almost, it's a synonym of the word afraid." Can you think of a synonym, a word that means the same, or something similar to the word afraid? Scared is a synonym of the word afraid. : "Is it the word scared?" : "You got it! Good job, Dee." Sometimes when trying to figure out which word to use, we can look at synonyms, and decide based on how strong the word is. For example, what words would you use to describe the fire? You could use words like warm or bright... or, you could use stronger sounding words, like hot or blinding. These words are synonyms because they have a similar meaning. I wonder if Dee and Kala have acted out any synonyms with stronger words. : "Another action word, okay! I'm getting the hang of this." : "You look like you are yelling, is the word yell?" : "Not quite, but it IS a synonym of yell." Can you think of a synonym, or another word that means the same thing or something similar to the word yell? The word scream is a synonym to the word yell. : "I know! Is it scream?" : "That's close too, but this word isn't as strong." We need to help our friends by thinking of another synonym to yell, can you think of any? The word shout is also a synonym to the word yell. : "Oh! Is it the word shout?" : "YES! And now I can shout!" Before we find out what Dee shouts, let's remember. Today we learned about synonyms. Synonyms are words that have the same or close meaning to another word. We learned that synonyms can help us when deciding which words to write... and that we can decide which word to use based on how strong it is. Now, let's see what Dee is shouting. : "SURPRISE! HAPPY FRIEND-AVERSARY, KALA!"


Synonyms exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Synonyms.
  • Which words have the same or similar meaning?


    Grumpy is a negative feeling. Which other word is a negative mood or feeling?

    Friendly means nice. Which other word is similar to nice?


    The pairs of synonyms are:

    • kind & friendly
    • funny & comical
    • grumpy & unhappy
    • intelligent & smart
  • Which words mean the same thing?


    When something is deafening, it means that it has a very high volume of sound.

    One of these words does not link to the volume of a sound.


    The three words with the same or similar meaning are:

    • noisy, loud and deafening.
    • The odd one out is angry, since this is not to do with the sound level of something.

  • Choose the words with the same meaning.


    Someone who is thoughtful can also be described as considerate. Can you see which two words these link to?

    When something is mentioned, it is said or spoken.

    To be quiet, someone might be told, "Do not speak another word!"


    The synonyms for say are: mention and speak.

    The synonyms for think are: consider and ponder.

  • Find the synonyms.


    Three of the words are synonyms for gloomy and three of the words are synonyms for glisten.

    Gloomy is an adjective. Look for the other adjectives in the word set.

    Glisten is a verb. Look for the other verbs that are synonyms for glisten.


    The synonyms for gloomy are dim, drab, and dark.

    The synonyms for glisten are sparkle, radiate, and shimmer.

  • Which other word could Dee use?


    Look at the three word options. Which could you use in place of 'scared'?

    When you are scared you might get a fright. Which word has fright within it?


    The synonym for scared is frightened.

  • Find the pairs of synonyms.


    In the first sentence, you are looking for two words that describe the sun.

    In the second sentence, one of the synoyms is heat.

    In the third sentence, look for the verbs that are used to describe how the insects move.


    That morning when I woke up, the sun was so bright, it was dazzling!

    As the glorious heat shone down, I could feel the warmth from my head down to my toes.

    The birds flew down and all the little insects came scuttling out, crawling towards the sun so that they too could be warm.