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Retelling: Beginning, Middle, and End


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Retelling: Beginning, Middle, and End

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Retelling: BME

What did we learn about retelling today? Today we learned that retelling can help to remember the important parts of a story. When we retell, we are telling again. We learned how to use a retelling strategy, beginning, middle, and end to help remember.

Transcript Retelling: Beginning, Middle, and End

It's time for Ari and Zayd's weekly movie night! They have firecorn, razbits, and even chocohoppers... but there's one thing missing, the movie! Ari has the perfect movie, but can't seem to remember the story to tell Zayd about it. Let's help them learn about retelling, (beginning, middle, and end) to help them figure out if it's a good fit for movie night! What is retelling and why is it important? Have you ever tried to tell someone about an amazing show, but you just couldn’t remember all of the details? There’s a tool that you can use to help you remember, RETELLING! Re means AGAIN, and telling is when you TALK ABOUT something. If we put that together re (...) telling means to tell or talk about something AGAIN. When you retell a story, only tell the important parts. If we give every detail of what happened we might not remember it all, and it would be a long description. You might already know that a story has three parts, the beginning, the middle, and the end. Let's help Ari learn more about retelling using these three parts! The beginning is the FIRST part that happens in a story. You can use words like, 'in the beginning' or, 'it all started when...' to help retell the beginning. So, Ari can start by telling the first part that happened in their story. : "It all starts when a wonderful baby dragon was born!" The middle is what happens after the story has begun, if there is a problem, it will happen here. You can use words like, 'in the middle' or, 'after that' to help retell the middle. Now, Ari needs to tell Zayd the MIDDLE part of the story. : "After that, the baby dragon tried to blow fire, but he couldn't!" The END is the final part of the story, if there were any problems in the story they get solved here. You can use words like 'finally' or 'in the end' to describe what happens at the end of the story. If there was a problem in the story, it usually gets solved before the ending, so make sure to include that too! Finally, Ari needs to retell the END of the story to finish retelling! : "After practicing, the baby dragon was able to blow fire! In the end, the dragon helped everyone start fire with his breath!" Before we find out if our friends will watch this movie, let's remember. Today we learned about RETELLING using beginning, middle, and end. Remember, retelling is when you TELL about the most important parts again. When retelling a story, use the beginning, middle, and end to help you. Now, let's see about that movie! : "Well, what do you think?" : "WOW Ari! That is such an amazing story!" : "Nothing will ever top that! Hey, want to go for a ride? Let's fly!" : "Well that wasn't the actual movie, Zayd, but, oh forget it, let's go fly!"