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Planning a Research Project on a Person


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Planning a Research Project on a Person

Basics on the topic Planning a Research Project on a Person

Learn how to plan a research project on a person in this video!

Transcript Planning a Research Project on a Person

Jane and Ernie need to research someone special for a new article. "What about the artist, Tom Yendell?" "That won't paint a clear enough picture for our readers!" "How about the astronaut, Yi So-yeon?" "I don't think we have enough space to cover her!" "hmm, Isaac Newton?" "Oh, that's a gravity-defying idea!" Let's join Ernie and Jane as they begin planning a research project on a person. You might already know about researching, when you investigate and discover specific information about a person. You can conduct your research using print media, such as books, articles, and magazines, or digital media, such as videos, websites, and online articles. Many people write about the same topic with different points of view on the internet, so check all reliable sources for accurate information. Researching about a person's life can be difficult, that's where a graphic organizer like this can help. Each box helps us to answer questions about the person and their life. I wonder what Jane and Ernie will write down first? They begin by writing 'Issac Newton', the person they are researching, at the top. For the 'date of birth' and 'date of death' boxes, you can usually find this in biographies on the person, or by finding the information on reliable websites on the internet. Jane and Ernie note that Isaac Newton was born on January forth, sixteen forty-three and died March thirty-first, seventeen twenty-seven. To save time, keep your notes short since you aren't writing just yet! Next, we have the 'famous for' box, which is where we research what this person became famous or is known for. Again, this can be found in biographies, or by searching 'what is Isaac Newton famous for?' on the internet, and using a reliable website for the information. Jane and Ernie wrote 'important contributions to math and science' and 'discovery of gravity'. Next up are fun facts. In this section, we would need to read and research to find things that others might find interesting about the person. You should try to find at least two fun facts from either books, or again by finding trustworthy websites online. For Isaac Newton, Jane and Ernie wrote 'professor at Cambridge University' and 'an apple never fell on him'! Finally, we have personality traits. This is where you might need to make inferences about this person based on research you conduct. The more you research and read about a person, the more you can get an idea about their personality. After lots of reading and researching Isaac Newton on the internet, Jane and Ernie wrote that he was a 'curious and brilliant thinker' and was a 'very experimental person'. You can always add more topics of interest to your research project, such as family life, famous quotes, and achievements. The information you gather in your organizer can help you to write a report or give a presentation on the person you chose! Before we review, think of one person you would love to research, and why. Share in the comments below! Remember, when conducting research you can use print media, and digital media. You can use an organizer to help plan and take notes about when they were born and when they died, what they were famous for, some fun facts, and their personality traits, and any other areas of their life you may wish to research. "Hmm, I wonder." "It looks like gravity is working against you, Ernie!"


Planning a Research Project on a Person exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Planning a Research Project on a Person.
  • What is research?


    Researching a person involves looking into the life of those you want to learn about.

    It is good to organize your findings before you write or share your findings.


    Research is where you investigate a person to learn more about them.

    You can use print media and digital media to conduct your research.

    It can be difficult, so it’s important to use a graphic organizer to help you plan!

    When you have finished, you can present your research to other people.

  • Organize the types of media.


    Print media is physical media that you would most likely hold to read.

    Digital media is usually media that you would need to use the internet to access.

    Books are an example of print media.

    Videos are an example of digital media.


    The correct answers are:

    Print Media

    • magazines
    • articles
    • books
    Digital Media
    • videos
    • websites
    • online articles

  • Review the graphic organizer.


    Find the date of birth on the graphic organizer.


    Isaac Newton's date of birth was January 4th, 1643.

  • Understanding the graphic organizer.


    Make sure you are looking in the correct box on the graphic organizer.

    To find the answer, locate the famous for box and review what Ernie and Jane wrote.


    Isaac Newton was famous for discovering gravity.

  • Complete the graphic organizer.


    Tom Yendell is famous for his paintings.

    Tom Yendell was born in March.

    Tom Yendell does nice things for other people.


    Name: Tom Yandell

    Date of Birth: March 1962

    Date of Death: N/A (still living)

    Famous for: Mouth and foot paintings

    Fun Facts: Named man of the year in 1988

    Personality Traits: Compassionate, creative, kind

  • Complete the graphic organizer.


    N/A means not applicable. In this situation, it means it is not available since the person is still alive.

    Personality traits are the characteristics of a person.

    Yi So-yeon is the first person in her country to fly into space.


    Name: Yi So-Yeon

    Date of Birth: June 2nd, 1978

    Date of Date: N/A (still living)

    Famous For: Being an astronaut

    Fun Facts: Korea's first astronaut, selected out of 36,000

    Personality traits: Determined, grateful