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Opinion Writing: Adding Reasons


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Opinion Writing: Adding Reasons

Basics on the topic Opinion Writing: Adding Reasons


In This Video on Supporting Opinions with Reasons

Ernie and Jane want to convince readers to try a new ice cream flavor! To do this, they will be supporting opinions with strong reasons. As Ernie finishes writing the piece, Jane waits patiently for Ernie, so they can eat the ice cream together!

Opinions and Reasons

Why should we have reasons and examples to support our opinions? Reasons and opinions are very important. An opinion how you feel or think about something, and reasons are why you feel or think that way! Together, they help to convince others why your opinion matters, and why you have that opinion.

You will know if you have an opinion, because it is a statement that people may, or may not, agree with themselves.


Opinion and Reasons Example

A graphic organizer, like the one below, can help you plan your opinion and reasons.


Ernie thinks everyone should try this new ice cream flavor. This is his opinion on the ice cream. This would be put into the opinion box!


Once the opinion is complete, Ernie can now think of reasons for his opinion. Ernie speaks about the taste of the ice cream, and also the texture. Both of these are his reasons!


When we are writing, there is often a closing sentence to end the small paragraph. Ernie does this by restating his opinion.


Opinion and Reasons Review

Remember, an opinion is how you feel, or think, about someone or something! A reason is why you feel, or think, the way that you do!

You will find an opinions and reasons worksheet below.

Transcript Opinion Writing: Adding Reasons

[Jane] "Ernie! Check out this new ice cream flavor!" "Woah. What flavor is that?" "Chocolate salted pretzel, and it's delicious!" "Let's share your opinion with our readers!" "Yes, and then we can finish the ice cream together!" Let's help Jane write her piece with Ernie by supporting opinions with reasons. An opinion is the way that you feel, or think, about something or someone. Not everyone will agree with you and that's okay! To know if something is an opinion, ask yourself: can people agree or disagree with it? For example, I think riding roller coasters is the best is an opinion. Some people like riding roller coasters, and some people don't! Opinions usually begin with I statements, such as I feel or I think. We usually support our opinions with reasons, which tell people why we feel, or think, the way we do about something or someone. To find reasons for your own opinions, ask yourself: why do I think, or feel, this way? For example, you might say; I think riding roller coasters is the best because they are exciting. They are exciting is the reason here. Now that we have looked at what an opinion is and what reasons are, let's help plan Jane's opinion piece! A graphic organizer like this can help you plan your thoughts. Jane told Ernie; I think everyone should try this new chocolate salted pretzel ice cream! So let's put that in the opinion box because it is Jane's opinion. Now Jane needs to think of two reasons why she thinks everyone needs to try this new ice cream flavor. "Well, Ernie, it has a rich chocolate flavor that tastes so good." "That's a great reason, Jane!" Jane's first reason was; it has a rich chocolate flavor that tastes so good. We put that here in the first reason box. See if you can hear Jane's next reason! "Jane, if we are going to convince our readers to try it, we need one more reason!" "Hmm. Oh I know! The pretzels add a nice crunchy texture to the ice cream!" "That's another great reason, Jane!" What was Jane's second reason? She said; the pretzels add a nice crunchy texture to the ice cream. Let's put that here. Now, we need a closing sentence, which is where we often restate our opinion! There are many ways to write a closing sentence, but since Jane was telling everyone they should try the new ice cream flavor, Ernie will type; this is why I think everyone should try this new flavor. Share in the comments what your opinion would be on a chocolate salted pretzel ice cream and share one reason for your opinion! While they publish the opinion piece, let's review. Remember, an opinion is the way that you feel, or think, about something. And reasons tell people why we feel, or think, the way we do about something. We can use a graphic organizer to gather opinions and reasons. "And done! Wait, you ate all that ice cream without me!" "No Ernie! I was waiting until you finished typing but, it all kind of melted!"