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Making Predictions—Let's Practice!


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Basics on the topic Making Predictions—Let's Practice!

Let's make predictions about a story with Goopaw!

Transcript Making Predictions—Let's Practice!

Goopaw says get ready to practice making predictions. Remember, we can use words like 'I think' and 'because' to help us make predictions about stories. Let's make some predictions about Ari and Zayd. Ari felt thirsty and looked at the cooler. What do you predict Ari will do? I think Ari will get something to drink because they are thirsty and looked at the cooler. Let's make another prediction. Ari put on floaties and stared at the ocean. What do you predict Ari will do? I think Ari will go into the water because they put on floaties. Now, let's make a prediction about Zayd. Zayd was laying in the hammock and yawned, he felt very sleepy. What do you predict Zayd will do? I think Zayd will take a nap because he is laying down and feeling tired. Let's make one more prediction about Zayd. Zayd heard a rumble of thunder. He looked over at Ari and called for them to get out of the water. What do you predict Zayd will do? (...) I think Zayd will tell Ari they need to leave because it's going to thunderstorm. Goopaw had so much fun practicing with you today! See you next time!

Making Predictions—Let's Practice! exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learned? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Making Predictions—Let's Practice!.
  • Read the following story and predict what will happen next.


    Think about how Sarah is getting ready for her big show, like when you practice singing your favorite song over and over again before your family comes to listen.

    Consider Sarah's dedication to practicing her piano diligently for weeks.

    Diligently means working really hard and not giving up, doing things with care and making sure everything is done just right, like when you color neatly and stay focused on your work.


    I think Sarah will continue practicing because she wants to prepare for her recital.

  • Make a prediction based on the situation.


    Think about how Tommy has been working really hard.

    Think about how when you sleep well, you feel energized and ready to do your best.


    I think Tommy will go to bed early because he needs to get a good night's sleep.

  • Imagine the situation and predict the next action.


    Think about Emily's long-term goal of saving money for a specific item.

    Consider Emily's excitement and determination to purchase the bicycle she wanted.


    Emily will buy the bicycle she has been saving for because she saved enough money.

  • Consider the situation and predict the outcome.


    Reflect on Jake's dedication to practicing his soccer skills every day.

    Consider the importance of preparation for an important match and Jake's commitment to his team.


    Jake will practice even harder because the match is important for his team.

  • Make a prediction based on the situation.


    Think about Lily's hard work and preparation for her science project.

    Consider the importance of following through with plans and completing tasks.


    I think Lily will complete her science project because she made a detailed plan.

  • Predict the next action.


    Reflect on the importance of collaboration and support from friends in preparing for performances.

    Consider the positive impact of practicing with others to enhance skills and confidence for the concert.


    The correct answers are:

    • I think David will practice even more because he wants his performance to be perfect.
    • I think David will invite friends over for a practice session because he wants to prepare for the concert.