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Determine the Theme of a Poem


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Determine the Theme of a Poem

Basics on the topic Determine the Theme of a Poem


In This Video on Theme of a Poem

Zayd and Ari are acting out a variation of a well known poem! In this video, we learn all about how to find the theme of a poem.

How do you Find the Theme of a Poem?

If you are wondering ‘how to find a theme of a poem’, then read on! The most important thing is using text evidence to find the theme of a poem. To find the theme of a poem, it is important to use close reading skills. First, identify the topic of the poem. Next, identify the important details of the poem. These important details can then help you determine the theme of a poem.


Find the Theme of a Poem Example

If you are still wondering ‘how do you find a theme of a poem?’, then we can look at an example! The topic of the poem in the video is baseball, so we have identified the topic!


Next, look at each stanza, and highlight the important details. Below you will see the important details that were identified from the poem.



Now we can use all of the important details to identify the theme.


When we look at the important details of the poem, we can a see common theme coming through; hope!


Find Theme of a Poem Review

Remember, to find the theme of a poem;

  • First, identify the topic
  • Then, identify the important details
  • Finally, identify the theme using the important details

Find the theme of a poem practice can be done with the worksheets below.

Transcript Determine the Theme of a Poem

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Mudville nine that day. The score stood four to two, with but one inning more to play, And then when Dundee died at first, and Zayd did the same, a sickly silence fell upon the patrons of the game. While Ari and Zayd continue to act out a variation of the poem, 'Casey at the bat', let's look at how to determine the theme of a poem. Theme is the lesson or message of a poem. Some common themes you may see in poetry are love, friendship, courage, and hope! There are many more themes that you may come across the more you read poetry. So, how can we identify the theme? Sometimes, the title of a poem can make the theme very obvious. For example, if a poem was called braving the sea, it would be fair to say the theme of this poem would be bravery. However, most poems require us to use close reading skills to determine the theme. In order to do that, we first identify the topic. Then, identify important details about the topic. Finally, identify theme from the information. Let's practice with this poem, a variation of 'Casey at the Bat'. First, we need to identify the topic. A topic is the general subject of writing, so in this poem the topic is baseball. Now, we can begin to identify important details that will help us identify the theme. Let's take a look at the first stanza, which is similar to a paragraph, to find important details. The outlook wasn't brilliant is an important detail because it gives us our mood, one of despair, or sadness. But one inning more to play is another important detail because it tells us about the current situation; there is only one inning left in the game! A sickly silence fell is another important detail because it sets the stage and helps us visualize the fans going quiet with each batter that strikes out. Now let's move onto the second stanza. Can you find any important details in the second stanza? With the hope that springs is an important detail, since it explains that the fans have some belief they can still win the game. Can you find one more important detail? If only Ari could get one whack, because it tells who the fans believe can change the outcome. With all of our important details, we can identify the theme. Based on the important details, what is the theme of this poem? Hope is the theme of this poem! In the first stanza, the fans were beginning to lose all hope in their team, but in the second stanza, they remember they have Ari, so they begin to regain hope! While Ari steps up to bat, let's review! Theme is the lesson or message of a poem. There are many themes that can be found in poetry. To identify the theme of poem, first identify the topic. Second, identify details about the topic. Third, identify the theme from the gathered information. Well, it looks like the fan favorite is finally out to bat. Can Ari save the day?