Proven Learning Success with sofatutor

In a recent study, students were asked about their learning experience with sofatutor.

Result #1: Better grades with sofatutor

Measurably better grades and overall academic performance.

  1. 89 %

    of students with the learning goal “Better grades” achieved

    Better grades in one or more courses
  2. 82 %

    of students achieved

    Better overall school performance

Result #2: Better preparation with sofatutor

sofatutor helps students learn independently, close knowledge gaps and prepare for exams.

  1. 92 %

    of students

    learn more independently
  2. 94 %

    of students

    understand course content better
  3. 94 %

    of students

    successfully close knowledge gaps
  4. 94 %

    of students

    prepared better for exams

Result #3: More self-confidence & fun while learning

Learning should be fun! With sofatutor, students feel more self-confident and motivated to learn.

  1. 85 %

    of students feel

    more self-confident in class
  2. 80 %

    of students have

    more fun learning

Good to know: Study details

This study was conducted in February 2016 — directly after the German mid-term report cards. The participants consisted of more than 500 German sofatutor users — all of them highschool students with an average usage time of about one year. The study was conducted by the experienced social scientists of Trimion Applied Social Research.

Trimion Applied Social Research